The Most Important Medicine:
Becoming a ConnectEd Champion for Children




The Most Important Medicine is connection! If you’re a professional who wants to have a greater impact in the lives of children and families, building resilience in relationships, this podcast is for you. It's where pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives meet and discuss how to respond and mitigate trauma by building buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to stories and bring our humanness into spaces to transform how we think about children, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!



As we wrap up November and leap into December, I wanted to touch base. November on the podcast was all about boundaries, I thought I might mention a thing or two about boundaries in the podcast. As we prepare for all things 2024, I hope you think of me for keynote possibilities, workshops, & training. […]

Episode 69: The November Wrap!


Ann Brown, friend and educator, joins us again for a heartfelt episode on holidays. We talk about Santa, gift-giving, rituals, religion, and the validation of “wanting more.” Ann’s insights and recommendations are practical, funny, and easy to implement. Ann Brown has been a parenting educator and consultant for over forty years, working with individual parents, […]

Episode 70: Shaping Traditions: Nurturing Holiday Magic and Meaning in Children


Lean into a conversation with my friend and colleague, Ann Brown, as we discuss how to talk to kids about war and violence. Ann is a Jewish Cantor, Educator, and incredible woman. We talk about ways to discuss war and violence with children in developmentally appropriate ways. And Ann walks us through a 10-step map that […]

Episode 68: Sharing Values Amidst Violence: Talking to Kids about War & Violence


Today, Dr. Amy talks about the “B” word, boundaries. Join us to learn the continuum of boundaries and why we should all take a radical look at our own boundaries. It’s also a sneak-peek into our learning collaborative with a special invitation to join! RESOURCES Dr. Amy’s Newsletter Learning Collaborative – The ConnectED Collab Invitation Dr. […]

REPLAY: The “B” Word: Boundaries


When families are tough, toxic, or hurtful to you and your children, what do you do? You set clear boundaries for your own mental health and protection. Listen in as my friend & colleague, Hayley Runnels, discuss why boundaries are important, albeit hard, especially as we move into the holidays. Hayley is an author, advocate, influencer, […]

Episode 66: Boundaries Are For Protection Not Punishment with Hayley Runnels


As soon as Ashley said, “I’m in a relationship with boundaries,” I was all in! Boundaries are dynamic, unique, self-reflective and a continual process. Take a listen to my friend, Ashley Breland, as she walks us through a path of insight regarding ways to integrate boundaries in our lives. Ashley Breland @ashley_theboundarytherapist supports people to […]

Episode 67: What Good Is Our Yes If We Can’t Say No? Creating boundaries with the Boundary Therapist, Ashley Breland, RSW


Join Dr. Amy and about 500 educators as we discuss why behaviors are so darn complex today! It’s important to be in community with one another, as our schools are grappling with increasing violence, teacher burnout, and concern. We need to come together and share wisdom. Friends, I hosted a workshop ALL about this and […]

BONUS: My Teacher Friends are NOT Okay: FREE LIVE Educator Workshop


It’s all about balance! Dr. Whitney Casares, author of Doing it All, talks about how we can reclaim boundaries, empower working moms, and prioritize our needs! Take a listen as she takes us step-by-step through was we can prioritize and reclaim our time. Dr. Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, is the Founder and CEO of Modern Mommy […]

Episode 65: Balancing Acts: Doing it All and Reclaiming Boundaries with Dr. Whitney Casares, MD


My friends are not okay right now. My teacher-friends are not okay. It’s the third week of October and one teacher-friend of mine said this will be her last year of teaching. Another friend said she’s never seen behavior like this before and she’s been teaching for over 15 years. And yet another said she’s […]

Bonus: Educators are NOT Okay


Join Dr. Amy as she highlights the messages of The Most Important Medicine for October – How to connect with kids that are tricky to connect with at times. RESOURCES Dr. Amy’s Newsletter Learning Collaborative – The ConnectED Collab Invitation Dr. Amy Youtube FREE DOWNLOADS Top 10 Guiding Principles When Working with Children & Families […]

Episode 64: The Wrap! October Gems with Dr. Amy


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pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives.