Episode 70: Shaping Traditions: Nurturing Holiday Magic and Meaning in Children

Ann Brown, friend and educator, joins us again for a heartfelt episode on holidays. We talk about Santa, gift-giving, rituals, religion, and the validation of “wanting more.” Ann’s insights and recommendations are practical, funny, and easy to implement.

Ann Brown has been a parenting educator and consultant for over forty years, working with individual parents, couples, and groups. She taught her first parenting class when she was still pregnant with her first child, which means she really didn’t know what raising kids was all about. Over the decades, she has raised her two sons, taught classes at Marylhurst Early Childhood Center in Oregon City, trained as a Waldorf teacher, created parenting support groups for the Hannah Andersson Family Foundation, and led workshops in California and Oregon. Her favorite gig, however, was co-hosting a cable television show with Dr. Amy, called “The Motherload”, in which she and Dr. Amy answered parenting questions from callers and on-camera guests.

If you’d like to consult with Ann, you can reach her at annbrown.annbrown@gmail.com

Ann recommends getting accurate information about the conflict from: Al Jezeera or Ha Aretz (an Israeli Newspaper in English).


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