Do you see this smile on my face? It's because I LOVE teaching & training. 

  • I'm known for creating keynotes and speaking events that entertain, educate and create meaningful conversations - whether it's an audience of 30 or 3,000.
  • I LOVE talking to leaders in business, healthcare & education.
  • I THRIVE when talking to medical providers and healthcare organizations.
  • I'm FULFILLED speaking with educators and professionals.

My wheelhouse is organizational vitality, trauma-informed care, healthy communication and resilience. I talk about topics that feel tricky, difficult and hard to access - because, you know what? We're human and we ALL struggle with these issues.

  • Folks want tools that are actionable - they want to know what TO DO. 
  • We CAN thrive as organizations when we work together & listen.
  • We CAN mitigate the effects of trauma by focusing on resilience and other buffering forces such as connection and relational health!
  • We CAN create compassionate spaces with connected, relational leaders.

My work focuses on recognizing and responding to stress, overwhelm, burnout & trauma and mitigating adversity by responding with efficacious resilience-based interventions.

This work truly is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEDICINE - for you, for your organization, for the deep work of transformation.


Ricky Garcia
Behavioral Health Administrative Manager

If you're in a professional sphere that impacts the lives of children and families (think healthcare, early childhood or behavioral health) and want to move from understanding "what" trauma is, how it presents, and what it looks like and grow into knowing "what to do" about it - let's set up a time to talk noW!

Or if you're an organization that wants to build vitality for your organization and move beyond self-care, let's talk!

ORGANIZATIONS I've worked with

Prevent Child Abuse Oregon

The Ford Family Foundation

Oregon Department of
Human Services

San Fernando Valley
Community Mental Health

QueensCare Health Systems

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Oregon Head Start Association

American Academy of Pediatrics

Benton County Mental Health

Lane County Medical Society

The Children's Clinic

Clackamas Sheriff's Summit

Oregon Family Practice Association

Oregon Pediatric Society

Women's Healthcare Associates

Care Oregon

Yamhill County Community Cares

Oregon Health Authority

Multnomah County Department of Health

American Academy of Pediatrics


Oregon Child Abuse Solutions

I love to talk, train & speak about:

Trauma-Informed Approaches in Medicine, all sectors

Building Resilience

The Importance of Connection

Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Resilience and relational health for professionals working with children & families

YOU! Are the Most Important Medicine - Asking about Trauma and Beginning Conversations to Build Resilience

Healing Trauma through Resilience and Connection

Brief Interventions to support Resilience in Primary Care

Relational Leadership


Ricky Garcia
Behavioral Health Administrative Manager

Dr. Amy is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and honest. I found the topics she discussed to be very important, and appreciated her storytelling format and trauma-informed approach.

You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!  No strings attached.

Ready to get started?

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Fritz Jenkins
Administrator OHA Program Integrity
Oregon Health Authority

Thank you for providing such a safe and accepting space for us to continue to bring our whole person to our interactions and our lives. I do believe this will be one of those seminal moments all of us will grow from, and make further commitments in support of each other.


Ricky Garcia
Behavioral Health Administrative Manager

Thank you for hosting a wonderful training for our behavioral health team. You hit the mark 100%! It has definitely started the self-care conversation among teams and helped us all to acknowledge what we have all been through over the last year. 100% of employees that responded with feedback said the training was relevant and helpful! Thank you again, this training was definitely needed!


Michelle Wells, LCSW, PPSC

Thanks so much again for creating such a meaningful, open, and warm environment for our teams and community members and for all of the information you presented!


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