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helping professionals build resilient children

I consult with professionals and organizations to increase connection by understanding trauma, resilience and begin to heal the children and families they serve.

Are you ready to next-level transform the lives of children you work with and decrease burnout for you?

I remember working with a little girl in my office when I was a young resident. She was one of hundreds of traumatized youth I was working with that year. Her treatment goal? To be willing to get her hands dirty. She had been physically beaten and neglected so horribly that she was afraid of making even the smallest mistakes. Day by day, moment by moment, we created an atmosphere of trust. One day, she came into my office with a smile on her face and said, "I'm ready...." She sunk her hands into the gooey, bright pink paint and proceeded to smear the color all over paper. Then I smiled. I took a glop of paint and plopped it on my nose. She giggled with delight. She painted her face, her hands, the paper, my face, my hands.

And then she suddenly stopped. She took a deep breath and said, "I think my heart needed that...."

who is this for?

You're already doing this - you're an inspired professional with a huge heart who's hungry for more and wants to reach more children....


You're burned out because you know you want to help children but need more "how to" and practical strategies....


to dive deep into ways to reach children, families and your school culture to truly create transformation?

So you need

— tim gross, principal

My staff walked away saying this was one of the best professional development trainings they have ever been to.”

How my program works:

step one

It's important that we're all on the same page. The initial training can be for 20 people or 500. We discuss the definition of trauma, how it presents in children and what to look for in terms of behavior. Then, we talk about creating compassionate learning environments. Next, we overview what resilience is, why it works to mitigate the effects of trauma & stress, and we review my 6 core assumptions.

Trauma and Resilience 101

step two

Ready for More? After we're all on the same page about trauma, compassionate environments and resilience, we take a deep dive. You'll learn efficacious, trauma-informed interventions to utilize in your classroom, home visits, or program to decrease the effects of trauma and prevent future trauma by creating  environments and relationships that heal. These practical interventions are research-based and highly effective! 

Trauma and REsilience 201

step three

It's truly my passion that every system have Champions of Resilience - professionals within your system that know what trauma-informed systems look like, understand core principles of compassionate environments and utilize resources to build resilience in children, families and systems. You'll work intensively with me to become a champion so that you can be the leader in your school and the knowledgeable resource that all systems need.

Creating champions

upcoming Opportunities for parents and professionals


For Providers

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- Educator

“Today was probably one of the best PD’s that I’ve attended. You were very engaging and had a great deal of important pertinent information. You brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh. Thank you for keeping it real. As a person with 5 ACES myself who raised two daughters on my own, it really hit home.”

5 stars all around


—  Parent, Attendee at Trauma and Resilience Workshop

“Amy’s workshop was mind blowing. There were so many practical things that no one has ever said to me and I’ve never read anywhere. Too many times, speakers are too perfect and haven’t dealt with the any of the things they are presenting. Amy is real. My husband and I both left her training feeling empowered.”


— Pediatrician, Training Attendee

"I need my own, personal Dr. Amy!"