I'm Dr. Amy

I help build thriving families and resilient children by educating professionals who work with them.

Helping professionals connect with each other and build resilience through relationships to help families thrive is what I do.

Educating and training providerS AND EDUCATORS and THEIR organizations is how I do it.

In 2015, a group of amazing physicians at Children's Health Alliance reached out to me and asked me how to address trauma in children and families. The answer was simple: teach parents how to build resilience in their children. Resilience decreases the effects of trauma.

Physicians & teachers who work with children are in a unique position to create a tremendous impact on children and families they work with because they interact with children before most other systems can - and they build trusting relationships with children throughout their lives. So, when I was asked to create a curriculum around resilience-building techniques, I was honored to have the opportunity. I blended everything I knew about trauma, child development, and family systems then layered that upon research-based interventions to create an amazing learning opportunity for them to guide children and families through ways to move from adversity to thriving within their professional practices. I work under the assumption that all families face adversity, parents are truly doing the best they can with the experiences they have had, and that professionals want to help families heal and feel seen. 

My passion is that every person who interacts in the life of a child is trauma-informed, resilience-trained, and becomes a champion in his/her organization to help children heal and families thrive. 



I'm excited to release my first published book in June 2024 with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Learn more & pre-order today!


What I’m known for:

Creating amazing live events that both educate while also creating wellness - delicious food, amazing content, and self care!

I'm an expert with tons of experience! I've been working with children and families for almost 20 years. You won't be let down.

Off-the-hook keynotes, inspirational conferences and online courses that educate and influence. 

Whole heart learning - I pour mine in, you pour yours in - there is no other way. 

The truth is, you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. 

words i live by

— Bruce Perry

My Timeline

where I've been


Got my PHD from Indiana University


Moved to Portland, Oregon for my Residency and Training


Became a mom - one of the greatest accomplishments ever!


Working in private practice. Loving my clients but wanting a greater impact.


Created a curriculum for pediatricians to teach resilience to families throughout their lives


Began working with schools on how to build resilience in classrooms


My reputation for being an expert on resilience and trauma begins to create momentum for me to train across the country! 


I get to train professionals and providers everywhere about how to build resilient patients and thriving families!

I'm a little crazy about...


almond poppyseed cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting

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a great bottle of red wine for guests

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I host trainings at our farm


mary janes

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podcasts about female business leaders


pinot noir &
champagne cocktails

favorite friend

too many to mention


I love to spoil people and create magical surprises....but I hate being surprised! 


My favorite night with family includes pizza, chocolate milk, Doritos, Phase 10, and a great movie!


I grew up in Iowa and lived the first half of my life in the midwest. I hope it makes me humble and kind. 

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