The Most Important Medicine:
Becoming a ConnectEd Champion for Children




The Most Important Medicine is connection! If you’re a professional who wants to have a greater impact in the lives of children and families, building resilience in relationships, this podcast is for you. It's where pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives meet and discuss how to respond and mitigate trauma by building buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to stories and bring our humanness into spaces to transform how we think about children, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!



Friends, we’re pausing the podcast for now, but we have a special ask! Dr. Amy’s New Book! On Amazon here From the American Academy of Pediatrics RESOURCES Dr. Amy’s Newsletter Learning Collaborative – The ConnectED Collab Invitation Dr. Amy Youtube FREE DOWNLOADS Top 10 Guiding Principles When Working with Children & Families Start Creating Boundaries […]

Episode 80: Pausing the Podcast


Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Sheilagh as we discuss skincare, teen confidence, and how we can relate and bond with our teens about this important topic! We chat about why this topic is so important, for teen girls AND teen boys. And she provides her top tips on managing teen skin care. Hint, it’s super […]

Episode 79: Glowing Together: How skincare boosts teen confidence


Let’s dive into three ways to create mentorship, success, and unlock potential in teenagers with Dr. Amy & Will Elliott. Will Elliott is one of the world’s top life coaches for teens and is dedicated to helping the next generation live confident, bold, and purpose-driven lives. We discussed why teenagers feel misunderstood and what the TRULY […]

Episode 78: Lazy, Unmotivated Teenagers: How to shift from problems to potential with Will Elliott


Divorce does NOT have to be traumatic for children. Listen in as Aurisha and Dr. Amy discuss conflict-free co-parenting. Aurisha, author of Cooperative Co-parenting for Secure Kids, walks us through her own story of co-parenting and provides sage advice to stay connected to your child during turbulent times. Aurisha Smolarski, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and […]

Episode 77: Moving from Conflict to Cooperative Co-Parenting with Aurisha Smolarski, LMFT


Dr. Amy reviews 10 guiding principles that she utilizes every day in her work with children and families and how you can incorporate them in your work too! In today’s episode, she discusses 10 principles that are the cornerstone to her work – how she thinks about training, curriculum, and interactions with children and families. […]

Episode 76: 10 Guiding Principles When Working with Children and Families with Dr. Amy


Join Dr. Anu French and Dr. Amy to hear a beautiful story about how to heal intergenerational trauma & create trauma-informed pediatric practices.  Anu French MD FAAP ABoIM A New Wellness: Pediatrics, Integrative Medicine SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital On a mission to create healthier communities through healthier children Dr French, an artist, […]

Episode 75: Change-makers and Chain-breakers: The Power of Narrative Medicine with Dr. Anu French


Dr. Amy reflects on felt safety, childhood memories, and connecting with ourselves before taking care of others. She also invites you in to join a ConnectEd Collaborative of supportive professionals. Hear about how visiting her childhood home reminded her of being connected with childhood memories. And learn about the Baseball Analogy for self-care and connection. How […]

Episode 74: Reconnecting with ourselves: Are you taking care of first base?


Join Dr. Amy as she reviews three powerful ways to be in community and reconnect with ourselves. On today’s podcast, we talk about joining powerful learning communities, ConnectEd Collabs; words of the year, including a song of inspiration; and, ways to share joyful moments with Dr. Amy & Team. RESOURCES Dr. Amy’s Newsletter Learning Collaborative […]

Episode 73: Reconnecting to Ourselves: Three ways to reconnect now


Join Dr. Amy & Ashley for a thoughtful conversation about authenticity & connection as we dive into 2024. Dr. Amy & Ashley discuss how to be in community with connection and curiosity, embracing dualities, and how to stay in conversation with folks who may have differing beliefs. Ashley walks us through her grief process and […]

Episode 72: Connection, Community & Curiosity: How to remain authentic as a connected professional


This month, our podcast is all-about connecting with what’s most important. Join me for a fabulous discussion with Aro Co-founder Joey Odom. Joey and I discuss ways to change your relationship with your phone to enhance moments of connection with people who matter most. Joey shares a life-changing moment where he misses a moment with […]

Episode 71: Never Miss a Moment with Joey Odom


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pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives.