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Dr. Amy King, aka Dr. Amy, is a licensed psychologist who provides training, consultation, and education to medical providers and clinics. Among her specialties is working with professionals to help create resilient children, patients and thriving families, guiding them to heal their stress and trauma through connected relationships. Her experience includes serving as a statewide trainer for the Oregon Department of Human Services and subject matter expert to promote child wellness in pediatric settings on behalf of the Children's Health Alliance. Her current work is promoting resilience within primary care medical homes and through partnership and collaboration via her podcast, her membership, and speaking opportunities and trainings.

If you haven’t read this newsletter about “ending well,” check it out here. Today, I’m building on that message as we celebrate the graduates of 2024. If you’ve worked with kids and families as long as I have, you know that they wind their way into your heart. The trust you build with families and the […]

Celebrating Grads

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Today, I’m walking you through, step by step, how our team created a trauma-informed retreat. We invited 15 guests to our farm for a 2-day, soul-filling retreat about what it means to provide trauma-responsive care when you work in the lives of children and families. It was magical! Let me know what you think and […]

A Trauma-Informed Retreat

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It’s the end of the year for so many of us. Students, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, librarians – goodness! So many of my favorite people! For some, there are culminating events, for others, it’s simply onto the next year. But you know what? YOU made it! Whether you’re celebrating simply surviving or a major milestone […]

End Well

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For the past several weeks, we’ve been talking about a compassionate approach to understanding others, called the suitcase analogy. If you missed it, you should check it out! Last week, I literally got my suitcases out and traveled, for the first time ever, to Europe. It’s been since the holidays since I put my feet up […]

Lighter suitcases

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We’ve been talking about suitcases the past two weeks. If you missed these, you can check them out here. And speaking of suitcases, I am out of the office this week! It’s been a busy spring season, and I’m taking a much-needed break before my team moves into busy summer trainings, in-services, and workshops. We still […]

Using my Suitcases for Travel!

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If you missed our chat last week, we talked all about a trauma-responsive approach to every day interactions. It’s called the suitcase analogy and you can check it out here. Today, we’re taking this another step and asking ourselves, “What do we do with all of this baggage?” I’m outlining FIVE things you can do right now […]

Unpacking Suitcases

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Educator friends, skip to the end of this newsletter and grab your spot for our free workshop this week! The rest of you, read on for a dose of compassion!! We’re carrying around a lot right now. When I explain the weight of what we carry during presentations, I use the “suitcase analogy.” As we enter into another […]


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If you’re a professional working with kids and families and want to do so in a trauma-informed way, in community with other like-minded professionals, we’ve got you covered. In May, we’re hosting TWO open houses in our ConnectEd Collabs for professionals and you can find your link to join us below! Does this sound familiar to you?   If this […]

April Showers Bring… Open Houses!

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My team and I had an AMAZING TIME at the National Head Start Conference this week. I had the honor and privilege of presenting as their keynote speaker for the 51st Annual Conference in Portland. Hearts were inspired, souls were lifted! If you’re interested in inviting me to speak, reach out soon because our summer and fall dates are […]

Cheers to Head Start

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I’m returning from a fantastic weekend of business AND pleasure! Here’s a fun re-cap and a little insider scoop into my very busy past few months! I just spent the past 5 months working with a wonderful healthcare organization, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), on trauma-informed practices. It’s been inspiring, challenging, and soul-filling to […]

Maybe those sandwiches are for me…

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