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Dr. Amy King, aka Dr. Amy, is a licensed psychologist who provides training, consultation, and education to medical providers and clinics. Among her specialties is working with professionals to help create resilient children, patients and thriving families, guiding them to heal their stress and trauma through connected relationships. Her experience includes serving as a statewide trainer for the Oregon Department of Human Services and subject matter expert to promote child wellness in pediatric settings on behalf of the Children's Health Alliance. Her current work is promoting resilience within primary care medical homes and through partnership and collaboration via her podcast, her membership, and speaking opportunities and trainings.

Friends,  Take a look at this plant…it’s a Christmas Cactus. I got it several years ago and it had big, beautiful, red blooms. Then, as cacti do, it went dormant. Now, it looks like this photo.  I’ve had this plant, nurtured this plant, and taken care of it for FIVE years. After the first winter, […]

What do you need to get rid of?

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As we wrap up November and a month on the podcast that was all about boundaries, I thought I might mention a thing or two about boundaries in this newsletter. As a reminder, boundaries are defining what’s okay and what’s not okay for you. Boundaries are not a line the sand nor are they ultimatums. Boundaries […]

Boundaries and Authenticity via Peloton!

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I’ll miss you in this space Friends,  Well, get out the tissues, friend, because this newsletter is a tear-jerker. If you’re like me, you’re an easy crier, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s just part of our humanbeingness.  This weekend, I began saying goodbye to my office and private practice in Clackamas, Oregon. 20+ years […]

20 years of gratitude

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Hello Friends,  My son called me with excitement last week, “Mom, I crushed my sales call for FFA!” He celebrates with me.  My daughter called me in tears, “Mom, I’m so sad, can you talk?” She mourns with me.  My son, “Mom, can you help my friend with a resume? A job? A meal?”  He […]

You’re the first call

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Hello Friends,  I wanted to first thank everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes last week. I LOVE birthdays and celebrating with people I cherish. I try to celebrate my birthday ALL month long in October and I even squeezed in a few days of November. Lucky me! Here are a few birthday highlights that I’m grateful […]

Gratitude and Excitement!

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Hello Friends,  It’s just 5 days away from our free workshop. Can I offer you a story?  I’m about 24. I’m two years into my graduate program. I’m a baby-psychologist learning to be a psychologist. I drive to a psychiatric hospital one day per week an entire semester and work with children who are receiving inpatient […]

Can I offer a story?

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Hello Friends,  It’s been a bit since I talked about my body of work. We’ve been sending out a lot of emails to help the helpers. And we’re gearing up for a FREE workshop in just one week – check it out! Today, I have two treats for you. One mom story, which I know so many […]

Two Treats for Halloween

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Hello Friends,  Well, it seems we hit a nerve. A week ago, in a passionate plea, I put out a special edition newsletter to all of you. After hearing months of worry, consternation, internalization, and overwhelm with children’s behavior, the state of teachers has only gotten worse. Since the beginning of the school year, schools have shut […]

You’ve been heard

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Hello Friends,  She’s getting spit on at school. He’s barely making it through the day.They’re refusing to follow straightforward directions.There’s so much trauma.Chairs are getting thrown.Entire classrooms are being cleared for safety.He’s getting hit.She’s being threatened.Kids are fighting in the halls.There are so many mental health needs.They feel unsafe.  My teacher-friends are not okay. It’s the […]

My friends are not okay

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Hello Friends,  The past few weeks as we’ve rolled out newsletters to let all of you know about our exciting new curriculum, Cards for Connection, it’s created a lot of inspiring and curious conversations! Thanks to everyone who’s reached out or shown interest in learning more! As I’ve mentioned, you can now access the cards as […]

Convos About Cards!

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