Cheers to Head Start

My team and I had an AMAZING TIME at the National Head Start Conference this week. I had the honor and privilege of presenting as their keynote speaker for the 51st Annual Conference in Portland. Hearts were inspired, souls were lifted! If you’re interested in inviting me to speak, reach out soon because our summer and fall dates are quickly filling up.

I want to share some of my words of inspiration for these incredible educators. The work with young children is TRULY, some of the most important work. We hope this provides inspiration and guidance to you as you navigate your day. 

Imagine if there was a time in a child’s life that was the most magical. 

Imagine if there was a time in a child’s life where all of the relationships that they built determined how the relationships later in their life would look. 

Imagine if there was a time when children’s brains were exploding with curiosity and wonder. 

Imagine if there was a time in a child’s life where play was the most important work and that forming friendships was their most critical task. 

Imagine if there was a time in a child’s life where their relationships and their attachment formed the most critical connections that would create not just their health today, but their health for the rest of their life.

Imagine that there’s a time in a child’s life, where they had complete trust in the adults in their worlds for everything from potty training to getting dressed to forming words, learning numbers, singing songs, and loving to learn. 

These are the years between the ages of birth and five they are the most precious years. 

So, imagine that if we could create a space as the youngest, most impressionable, curious, playful little people, learn and develop, and grow and gain a sense of wonder and curiosity, not just about the world, but about relationships and learning and love. 

We could impact the future of children. 

You’ve found it here, my friends. This is Head Start.

Here’s to children. All children. 

Here’s to their innocence, curiosity and resilience. 

And here’s to YOU, being that one adult in their lives who champion the work that needs to be done. 

You can do it. 

We can ALL do it. 

Thank you!

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