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I'm a licensed psychologist in Portland, OR. My current work involves promoting resilience for families, healthcare entities, schools, businesses and individuals. I am a keynote speaker, consultant, coach and mentor to families, healthcare leaders, teachers and businesses. I speak and train on local and national levels. I am endorsed in early childhood mental health and pediatric health.

I developed a curriculum called Cards for Connection© created especially for professionals that work with children and families. My work enhances relational health, resilience through relationships and social emotional capacity by training professionals that impact the lives of children.

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I'm excited to release my first published book in June 2024 with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Learn more & pre-order today!


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I consult with professionals and organizations to heal the children and families they serve. My current work involves promoting resilience for families, healthcare entities, schools, businesses and individuals. I consult with healthcare leaders and businesses that provide systems of care for children. 


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I blend scripts, best practices, and skill sets that mix humor and compassion with knowledge to train professionals how to meaningfully connect with children and their families. Curriculum includes the importance of secure relationships – meaning unconditional love, healthy attachments and positive discipline – which transforms their practice and creates more resilient children and families.

Keynotes, Training & Workshops


A Learning Collaborative to Build Resilience. This is a community of like-minded professionals who work with children and families that want to focus on building resilience in those they work with and themselves. If you join The ConnectEd Collaborative© for a year, you’ll get 12 hours of CME that feels like fuel for your soul and a healing balm!



I strive to be an ally and gain the trust of those who may not see me that way yet. If you’re interested, learn more about my commitment to equity and the work that my business is doing in support.

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How many acres can you explore when you come out to the farm for a training?




The farm, where we host trainings, has 2 sheep and 


2 friendly dogs + one cat

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All 3! If I can have a great book in my hand with a glass of red wine in the other, even better!

At the farm, we overlook a winery - come check it out!

Kids Need One thing more than any other:

Unconditional love

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Amy’s workshop was mind blowing. There were so many practical things that no one has ever said to me and I’ve never read anywhere. Too many times, speakers are too perfect and haven’t dealt with the any of the things they are presenting. Amy is real.

- workshop Participant 

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