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I consult with professionals and organizations to heal the children and families they serve. My current work involves promoting resilience for families, healthcare entities, schools, businesses and individuals. I consult with healthcare leaders and businesses that provide systems of care for children. 


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My workshops blend scripts, best practices, and skill sets that mix humor and compassion with knowledge. Teacher to parent, provider to family, parent to child – each partnership creates a village of resilience for children.


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I train professionals how to meaningfully connect with patients and their families, which re-energizes them and prevents burnout. I create curriculum for professionals around the importance of secure relationships – meaning unconditional love, healthy attachments and positive discipline – which transforms their practice and creates more resilient patients.

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I'm a licensed psychologist in Portland, OR. My current work involves promoting resilience for families, healthcare entities, schools, businesses and individuals. I am a keynote speaker, consultant, coach and mentor to families, healthcare leaders, teachers and businesses. I speak and train on local and national levels. I am endorsed in early childhood mental health and pediatric health. I serve as a member of the Healthcare Reform Taskforce for the Oregon Psychological Association.

As well, I developed a curriculum regarding resilience and interventions to mitigate the effects of childhood adversity. I am a statewide and national trainer on childhood trauma, trauma-informed care and resilience.
My current work is promoting resilience within systems such as schools, pediatric medical homes, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other multi-disciplinary teams.  

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How many acres can you explore when you come out to the farm for a training?




The farm, where we host trainings, has 2 sheep and 


2 friendly dogs + one cat

what's your favorite way to unwind?


enjoying a glass of wine

friends & family

My favorite way to unwind is

All 3! If I can have a great book in my hand with a glass of red wine in the other, even better!

At the farm, we overlook a winery - come check it out!

Kids Need One thing more than any other:

Unconditional love

From Present-Supportive Adults

Amy’s workshop was mind blowing. There were so many practical things that no one has ever said to me and I’ve never read anywhere. Too many times, speakers are too perfect and haven’t dealt with the any of the things they are presenting. Amy is real.

- workshop Participant 

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