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Nurturing Families & Children at Every EncountER

Do you want to learn trauma-informed, efficacious, tools and interventions that support the lives of the children and families? Do you believe in the power of resilience and strong relationships? If so, you're in the right place.

Welcome to Cards for Connection, our signature curriculum designed to address adversities that children and families face by building strong, connected relationships with them. As a Champion in the lives of children, you are uniquely positioned to provide doses of resilience at every encounter.

100 Doses of Resilience, Meaningful

Connections and Lasting Impact


of Cards for Connection

For Health Care Professionals

For Early Childhood Educators


We believe that every interaction matters. Our vision underscores the belief that you already have what it takes to deliver the skills and resources needed to make a lasting impact on the lives of children and caregivers. Whether you're a pediatrician, educator, home visitor, nurse, or other health professional, these cards are designed to bridge gaps, spark meaningful conversations, and strengthen relationships that build social emotional health and and relational health.


equip yourself with             that promote                and bolster the resilience of          

family wellness



2 Year Certification

Access to Online Resources & Digital Training


Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge at your own pace. Uncover comprehensive training materials and resources that will amplify your abilities.

Access to Cards for Connection
Unlock the potential of these engaging cards, carefully designed to mitigate adversity and nurture relational health, social emotional health, connection, and resilience through connection within families.

Option for Certification Renewal at Low Cost
Stay up-to-date with the latest research, card updates, language and learning updates and new interventions by opting for recertification after two years.

FREE ConnectEd Collab Membership For In-Person Trainings & Discounted Rate For Digital Certification
Extend your journey by becoming a part of the ConnectEd Collaborative, a learning collaborative for like-minded professionals dedicated to creating resilient children.

This offering is tailored for the individual professional, fostering stronger families and responding to the needs that professionals in the lives of children face daily. We have group rates too! Should you be interested in group or organization options, download our group one-pager and set up a call with our team now!

  • Healthcare professionals and their organizations seeking to transform healthcare via implementing efficacious, trauma-informed tools for building resilience in their patients

  • Educators and their colleagues aiming to bolster connection and resilience in the children and families with whom they work

  • Other professionals such as nurses, home visitors, early intervention, primary care clinicians, and ancillary health providers who wish to bridge the gap of mental health services and build early relational and social-emotional health!

Who this IS



There are so many things I love about Cards for Connection. They’re so practical. You can use them as a good conversation starter and they are age specific. They help me build a closer connection with my families!

Build A Closer Connection

I use them with my teenagers who are not doing well, not connecting with their families, and not doing good in school. I now feel like I have ways to talk to them. To bring them out a little bit more. I love the tools of reflection with the babies and that’s an easy and fun win for families that will start that talk early on. 

 I love the tools

Dr. Amy’s prior participants in her Cards for Connection training have referred to this as “the most important medicine” and I think that burnout really comes from not finding meaning in our work. This is the antidote for that. This is making our work far more meaningful and our families are loving when we do the interventions.

This is the antidote

— Jennifer Bass, MD

— Serena Williams, N.P.

— RJ Gillespie, MD, MPHE


You're choosing to be a part of a community that values meaningful connections and knows the inherent strengths of families in children. Join us to become champions in the lives of children - creating connection, building resilience, and strengthening relationships to mitigate stress and adversities in the lives of children. Let's make a difference together.

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Community of Champions

This offering is tailored for individual engagement, yet its impact is collective, fostering stronger families and responding to the needs that professionals in the lives of children face daily. Should you require group or organization options, download our group one-pager

I’m Ready!


— RJ Gillespie, MD, MHPE

Cards for Connection give tangible things that we can do for our families to help them know how to promote and stimulate their child's development.