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Come for an evening to learn how to navigate stress during trying times as a medical provider. 

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Beyond Burnout: Navigating Your Way Though Trying Times as a Provider

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 6:00 PM PST

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frequently asked questions

how did you get started in this area?

I've worked with children, families, schools and providers for 18+ years. But in 2015, I began to search for a deeper, broader impact in the lives of children. That's when I began doing more training and consultation. 

where are you located?

I live on an 11 acre farm in Newberg, Oregon. My office is in Clackamas, but you can find me all over!

when is your next live event?

I do dozens of trainings all over the state and country - most of them are specific to systems. But you can find the link to trainings here.

Where can I find your podcast?

Right now, you can find me on Facebook lives every Monday and on Instagram for inspiration and stories. 

what's the difference between your main 2 offerings?

I have a passion to connect with parents so I still offer workshops online. But I also want a broad impact for children, hence my trainings and consultations with systems.

do you offer one-on-one consultation?

I individualize all of my work. It's my passion that all systems that touch the lives of children be trauma-informed and trained in creating resilient children. So I work individually with all of my clients. 

how can i sign up for your emails?! 

Just click on the link - I'd love to hear from you! I frequently do shout outs to subscribers and my newsletters are built around YOUR requests!

what books are on your nightstand?

Oh so many....The Deepest Well, Born to Love, and The Body Keeps Score and some of my go-to's regarding trauma. Also, on my night stand you'll find fiction, mostly around ridiculous love stories or who-done-its!