Actions matter. Allyship is earned.

As a white, educated, cisgendered woman, I believe that it’s my job to work and gain trust. And, it’s my job to be an ally to those who recognize my work and efforts. I also strive to be an ally and gain
trust to those who may not see me that way yet. 

we can all do better to make our intentions and practices clear.

here’s some of the equity work that I do and I’m committed to continuing:

  • Offering scholarship for trainings I provide for those who may not be able to afford an experience otherwise, especially medical residents.
  • Find subject matter experts to partner with and facilitate trainings with me – especially on issues related to diversity and equity.
  • Elevate voices of those with lived experiences any time that I facilitate parent trainings or professional consultation. I truly believe that communities have inherent abilities to heal when appropriate funding and resources are provided.
  • Ensure that when organizations request resources that voices of BIPOC & other marginalized groups are included as expert authors and contributors.
  • Contribute financially to organizations that provide opportunities for youth and families who’ve experienced trauma – historically, intergenerationally and systemically. The most recent example was contributions from my business were:

  1. The Loveland Foundation – to provide therapy to black girls who would not otherwise receive services.
  2. The Boys and Girls Club of Lewis County – to ensure after school programs are available for boys and girls in one of the most impoverished counties in Washington.

are you ready

 to transform how you practice?

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