Pausing the Podcast


My podcast has made its way to 80 episodes! I’m so happy with the stories that are out in the world because of this brave endeavor. Stories of hope, healing, and connection wrapped up in trauma-responsive love – I’m proud of this work that my team and I have created. 

But for now, I’m making a decision to pause the podcast. There are many incredible adventures happening in my business right now and I’m finding ways to integrate calm into both my business and for my team. That means, as we release a book, build incredible curriculum for resilience and connection, and grow our ConnectEd Collabs, we need some breathing space. I hope, in this pause, you witness what I would like for any of us: to reflect on what our bandwidths are and to protect ourselves and our teams. While Dr. Amy King, PHD, LLC is mighty, we are a small team. So, we need to be intentional with our time and energy. 

Here’s what we’d like to do moving forward and we could use YOUR help!

  1. Tell us your favorite episode so far – a story that touched you or that you related to. We’re going to create a TOP 5 guide for others to get inspired and connected too!
  2. Let us know other ways you’d like to connect. We have a strong commitment to continue to offer FREE, VALUABLE information into the world – just with a bit less production! So, tell us, would a monthly zoom call be helpful? A Youtube Live? A Facebook group or live chat?
  3. What do you want to hear or know more about? Give us some specific topics, ideas, or themes that you’re struggling with as a professional or parent. 

Finally, take a leap and join us, for free, inside on of our monthly learning collaboratives. We have incredible spaces for early educators, educators, healthcare professionals and mental health professionals. We know support is needed now more than ever. These groups are part content, part community. And they are thriving! 

And one last ask – if YOU have a favorite podcast that you listen to, or you host your own podcast, let me know! I’d love to be a guest and talk about the incredible work of responding to trauma and creating resilience for children and families. It’s my passion, it’s my wheelhouse, and it’s my deep desire to create a world where children and families feel seen, heard, and connected. 

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