You’re Super Cool!

I hope you’re flowing into some lazy summer days. (In fact, if you’re in Clackamas, you’re in for a treat for summer days as we partner with Clackamas Early Learning Hub for the Summer Summit – it’s free, register here!) For those of us in the northwest, the sun that we’ve been waiting for has swept away cloudy, gloomy days. For me, that has meant the opportunity to travel and enjoy sunny locations. Specifically, I got to celebrate one of my best friend’s 50th birthday in San Diego this past weekend. 

What a blessing it is to travel with friends. We really had no firm plans, a few dinner reservations, and simply the desire to spend some quality time together. No work. No kids. Lots of sunshine and laughter. We got to walk, swim, bike, shop, eat, and talk for hours. My heart feels so full and happy. 

I want to tell you a story about a moment we enjoyed together. As we were sitting poolside, we watched these sweet girls playing together. As they dove underwater, they giggled, bobbed up and down, and played. One girl emerged, looked at her friend, and said, “Hey, you’re a super cool person.” My heart melted. I looked at my friend, smiling, and asked if she had overheard the same conversation. She had. And we agreed, that was EXACTLY why we were spending time together this past weekend. I think she’s a super cool human being. One of my best friends who lives far away, so it’s important to us to make time for each other. It’s a way of saying “You’re important to me. You’re super cool!” 

I really don’t have anything more valuable than my time to give to another person. Neither do you! Being intentional with time portrays value and meaning. So, when we send each other notes, respond to emails, exchange memes, use social media together, or make intentional plans for vacations, we’re saying to each other – “Hey! You’re a super cool person!” 

Don’t miss these opportunities this summer to tell someone else how cool they are. Maybe it’s a note, an email, or a funny photo. Perhaps it’s a hike, a car ride, a short trip, coffee, or playing at a park. Who you spend time with and how you share your time with others lets them know – “You’re a cool human being. I like you!”

Drop me a line and tell me about the cool people you’re giving your time to this summer.