Using my Suitcases for Travel!

We’ve been talking about suitcases the past two weeks. If you missed these, you can check them out here. And speaking of suitcases, I am out of the office this week! It’s been a busy spring season, and I’m taking a much-needed break before my team moves into busy summer trainings, in-services, and workshops. We still have a little wiggle room in our schedule, if you want to book your summer training or fall workshop! We love to talk about organizational wellness, trauma-informed care, building resilience, complex behaviors, and the importance of connection. You can check out our speaking gigs here

While I’m OOO – out of office – here are 5 fun things to check out, recommended by Moi! 

  1. Check out the podcast, even though we’re on pause, we love hearing from you about which episodes touch your heart. Recently, our podcast with Aro sparked an amazing conversation with a school who is moving screen-free this fall! Reply and let us know which podcast is your favorite!
  2. Send this newsletter to a friend who could use a weekly dose of connection and resilience. Remember, this is where you stay up to date on upcoming, free workshops too!
  3. Grab one of our freebies! We’re constantly creating new goodies based on your needs. 
  4. Send me an email about your suitcase work! I’d love to know if this exercise is shifting your awareness for yourself and others. 
  5. Reach out to my Community Relations Manager, Alena, and let her know what other content you’d like to see in newsletters, free workshops, or ask her more about or trainings. She LOVES to connect! 

I’ll be back in a week. Until then, stay curious and connected