Pure Joy

Happy post-long weekend to celebrate America’s birthday! I hope you all celebrated and enjoyed sunshine, barbecues, and friends. For those of you who’ve been following for a while, you know that we spend a lot of time at rodeos during the summer. My son has been participating in rodeo events since 2018 and it’s truly his passion. 

There are moments in my mama heart that are such core memories and this yellow tow truck on his second birthday is one. For Jack’s birthday, we had one of our dear friends bring his tow truck to the celebration. The look on Jack’s face was pure elation as the “big bye-bye” drove into our cul-de-sac. Presents and cake discarded, he climbed with glee into the truck. 

A few weeks ago, the picture at the top of this newsletter was captured. My heartstrings tugged as I remembered the same joy-filled face from his childhood. Certainly, there have been many of these moments; but we don’t always capture them, so it made these especially precious. In a flash of reflection, I wondered how often we’re filled with this much joy. And how important it is to me to be present for as many of these moments as I can with people I love. 

The best thing about his picture on the horse? He had just caught the head of a calf for a young man, his first competition in our rodeo club; and as the freshman caught the calf’s heels, Jack knew that they had taken first place. His look of delight was for someone else! He got no points, only the thrill in knowing that he had helped a friend out.

Later that day, he covered his saddle bronc for 8 seconds. This is huge! As I squealed with delight and let out a “WOOP!” I saw him look up into the stands for me. Same smile, same look of delight. My heart. My whole heart. And I GET TO SHARE THESE MOMENTS WITH HIM.

Friends, please share a photo of pure joy. Hold it in your heart. Don’t miss one moment. 

We’re entering “the year of Jack” as he begins his senior year at the end of this summer. If you’re not familiar with this ritual, you can find this newsletter to get caught up. And, if you have a graduating senior, you should join us! Get ready for many moments as we celebrate all-things-Jack. 

Finally, if you haven’t registered for the FREE training for professionals who work with children and families, you can join here! And if you’re curious about my commitment and love for early educators and professionals who work with children birth to eight, you can check out my newsletter from last summer. 

In the meantime, where’s your photo of JOY? Send it this way, I want to revel in delight with you!