Episode 67: What Good Is Our Yes If We Can’t Say No? Creating boundaries with the Boundary Therapist, Ashley Breland, RSW

As soon as Ashley said, “I’m in a relationship with boundaries,” I was all in! Boundaries are dynamic, unique, self-reflective and a continual process. Take a listen to my friend, Ashley Breland, as she walks us through a path of insight regarding ways to integrate boundaries in our lives. Ashley Breland @ashley_theboundarytherapist supports people to stand within their own power. Through collaborative conversations, folks are able to become better acquainted with the knowledge and skills of their own lives that are relevant to the concerns, predicaments, and problems at hand. Ashley’s social media presence is dedicated to the topic of boundaries. How, when using intentional and value-centered boundaries, folks can move into a deeper, stronger relationship with themselves, the people they love, and the things they actually want to do.


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