The Most Important Medicine:
Becoming a ConnectEd Champion for Children




The Most Important Medicine is connection! If you’re a professional who wants to have a greater impact in the lives of children and families, building resilience in relationships, this podcast is for you. It's where pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives meet and discuss how to respond and mitigate trauma by building buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to stories and bring our humanness into spaces to transform how we think about children, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!



You’re about to uncover so much about how we can approach people in a more compassionate way with my friend, Danni Verona. Danni Verona is a Licensed Occupational Therapist who has been continuously serving the needs of families for 36 years. She specializes in infants, children and parenting and has gained her experience through working […]

Episode 63: Bridging the Gap: Unveiling the Power of Seeing, Thinking, and Feeling to Honor the Wholeness of Individuals


Get out the tissues, friends, as Dr. Amy invites two special guests to the podcast! In this episode, Amy’s mom, Cindi Thomas, and her brother, Tyler, discuss what professionals need to know about working with families and disability. They discuss their journey, stress advocacy, and point out that parents want to feel heard when it […]

Episode 62: Unlocking Insights: What Professionals Can Learn from Parenting a Child with Special Needs


Friends – You’re in for a treat! I’m chatting with my friend and colleague, Robyn Gobbel. Listen as we talk about relational neuroscience, understanding complex behavior, and why all behavior is adaptive in nature. You’ll also hear Robyn talk about her 3 core tenants to understanding children AND a sneak peek into her book Raising […]

Episode 61: Connection or Protection: How we understand children’s behavior with Robyn Gobbel


Here are your cliff notes for all-things connection & education from the month of September, plus a sneak peek into October and our upcoming launch. If you haven’t already checked out this month’s episodes, take a listen!! My take away gem for this month: There is nothing more important than connection – no learning will happen […]

Episode 60: The Wrap! September Gems with Dr. Amy


Ever wonder about what it means to “feel safe”? If you’re curious about what it means to become regulated and create regulation for you and children with whom you work, this episode is for you! Regardless of your profession, if you work with children and families, felt safety and regulation are important aspects of your practice. […]

Episode 59: The Science Behind Feeling Safe: Notice what you notice with Emily Daniels, MEd, MBA


Join Dr. Amy as she interviews 4 children, kindergarten through second grade, all about what creates safety and belonging in school. You’ll hear from Yves, Dean, Charlotte, & Mac – all experts in their own right. Be patient with my friends – it takes them a while for them to find their voices; but the […]

Episode 58: Hearing from Little Voices – Kids’ reflections on the first days of school


You’re in for a treat as Dr. Amy interviews a veteran mother/daughter duo about how to build resilience through relationships in classrooms! Our frank conversation about ways to engage parents, how to welcome children, and how to create your own support system is just what every educator needs to hear! Stacey Egli is a veteran teacher […]

Episode 57: “I’m glad you’re here!” How to create connection in classrooms with Stacey Egli & Carla Becker


Over the next year, we’re crafting the podcast to reflect different systems that children and families are in and having conversations about how to help them thrive and become more resilient. Hear a beautiful story about how we all play a part in the lives of children and get a sneak peek into this fall’s […]

Episode 56: We all play a part!


If you’ve been listening for the past few weeks, then you know we’ve been going through the process of renewal and rebranding. Join today to learn about ways to build a community for you, a holding space for your story and Dr. Amy’s “why” of less aloneness.  RESOURCES Dr. Amy’s Newsletter Learning Collaborative Invitation Dr. […]

Episode 55: Telling Your Story, Hearing My “Why” and Finding Community


What a whirlwind the past few weeks of rebranding this podcast has been! Join Dr. Amy today as we explore the importance of creating Circles of Support© in your life and in the lives of children and families. You’re not going to want to miss the important message of how you can be a champion […]

Episode 54: It Takes a Village: Creating Circles of Support©


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pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives.