The Most Important Medicine:
Becoming a ConnectEd Champion for Children




The Most Important Medicine is connection! If you’re a professional who wants to have a greater impact in the lives of children and families, building resilience in relationships, this podcast is for you. It's where pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives meet and discuss how to respond and mitigate trauma by building buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to stories and bring our humanness into spaces to transform how we think about children, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!



Friends – you’re in for a treat as we wrap up YEAR ONE of our podcast, The Most Important Medicine. Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH is a double board-certified physician with 2 Master’s Degrees in Biochemistry and Public Health and is the leading medical expert on stored trauma in the body. She bridges the worlds […]

Episode 51: Three Ways to Recognize a Trauma Response is Happening with Dr. Aimie Apigian


Get inspired and learn how to create a movement with my friend, Susan Davis, DNP, MSN, RN, PMD. Dr. Susan Davis, DNP, MSN, RN, PMD is creating a digital space that can potentially reach millions of nurses worldwide. Her message promotes courage, confidence, and excellence in life-saving resuscitation practices. With her extensive experience in the […]

Episode 50: The Passion Found Me with Dr. Susan Davis


Listen as Jennifer shares her humanity, professionalism and lived experience as a way to connect and bring more of our humanity into medicine.  Jennifer George is an award-winning author and podcast host, and compassion-focused physiotherapist with vast experience in the private and public sectors of care. At the onset of her career, she became a caregiver […]

Episode 49: The Moments that Shape Us with Jennifer George


Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Renee Thompson as they explore ways to improve workforce relationships, create healthy boundaries and thrive! Learn practical tools and scripts you can utilize right away to help yourself and your organization. Renee Thompson grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the oldest of 5 kids. She has a doctoral degree in nursing. […]

Episode 48: Dr. Renee Thompson Tells Us How to Set Boundaries and Create Healthy Workforce Spaces


Maggie Ortiz, RN, MSN is on fire with messaging for nurses and healthcare professionals, in general. Listen as she and Dr. Amy discuss ways to advocate for yourself, protect your license and ask important questions! A dedicated advocate for nurses’ professional excellence. With a wealth of experience at the bedside and a relentless commitment to […]

Episode 47: Learning to Advocate for Yourself as a Professional with Maggie Ortiz, RN


We’re in desperate need to celebrate small joys in life. Join Dr. Amy as she discusses finding joy as a way to avoid re-traumatization. Finding joy helps to ameliorate some of the compounding stressors so that we have energy to draw from during hardships. This year has been coined, The Year of Sophia. Why? Because my […]

Episode 46: Taking Time for Joy


Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Robyn Koslowitz as she shares her experience and rich work with families in healing trauma. Robyn is brilliant, funny & compassionate. We had such a wonderful discussion about the important work of healing intergenerational trauma and ways to work with families in a way that honors their stories. Dr. Koslowitz received […]

Episode 45: The Domino Effect of Trauma in Parenting with Dr. Robyn Koslowitz


Dr. Joe Sherman shares an abundance of experience and wisdom – from Bolivia to Seattle – his career has been filled with compassion and service. But it’s also been filled with a great deal of life lessons during his tenure as a pediatrician, husband and father. We talk about the MOST important part of pediatrics, […]

Episode 44: Accompany people along their journey to create purpose and find meaning with Dr. Joe Sherman


In today’s episode, Dr. Amy talks about three ways to think about the people in your village and “build your house” of support! We use the analogy of a home as a way to think about relationships and relational health as a way to build resilience. When I teach professionals this tool, it’s called The […]

Episode 43: 3 Ways to Create Your Village of Support Today with Dr. Amy


Katie Kurtz, LCSW, provides beautiful insights in the world of being trauma-informed and offers practical suggestions for ways providers can “practice the pause” right away! Katie is a trauma-informed care subject matter expert specializing in delivering inclusive trainings and consultation that are adoptable for any profession. Join Dr. Amy & Katie as we explore how […]

Episode 42: Stop Overriding Your Humanity & Practice the Pause with Katie Kurtz


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pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives.