Episode 57: “I’m glad you’re here!” How to create connection in classrooms with Stacey Egli & Carla Becker

You’re in for a treat as Dr. Amy interviews a veteran mother/daughter duo about how to build resilience through relationships in classrooms! Our frank conversation about ways to engage parents, how to welcome children, and how to create your own support system is just what every educator needs to hear!

Stacey Egli is a veteran teacher with 25 years of experience teaching in a variety of classroom settings such as looping, collaboration, team teaching and special education. She holds a BA in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Special Education from the University of Northern Iowa. Stacey earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Graceland University and has served as a teacher leader for over a decade. Equity, inclusion and social-emotional learning are deep passions of hers . Stacey now supports educators as the PK-5 Special Education/MTSS Specialist for the Norwalk Community School District in Norwalk, Iowa.

During her tenure, Carla Becker, a retired teacher, taught elementary school for over thirty years. She earned her masters degree from Drake University within the confines of Leadership in Supervision. Carla was one of the first teachers in the district to start full inclusion in her classroom. She helped create a multi age classroom school, where children learned at their own pace. In the midst of teaching at this new and innovative school, they were asked to partner with MIT on a Lego/Logo Project. Carla was a finalist Iowa Teacher of the Year, and served as a teacher leader in her district.


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