Episode 63: Bridging the Gap: Unveiling the Power of Seeing, Thinking, and Feeling to Honor the Wholeness of Individuals

You’re about to uncover so much about how we can approach people in a more compassionate way with my friend, Danni Verona.

Danni Verona is a Licensed Occupational Therapist who has been continuously serving the needs of families for 36 years. She specializes in infants, children and parenting and has gained her experience through working in schools, clinics, home visiting programs, and hospitals. As a mother of three children, a grandmother to a freshman in high school! Danni brings her love of learning and family into her experience. She is an Infant Massage program instructor, 5th degree Blackbelt Karate instructor and program director of a neurodiverse inclusive karate program she created through the Family Martial Arts Academy in Beaverton, and is a Certified Zero Balance practitioner. 

Danni now practices in her private clinic, that she designed to supports children and their families specifically in how they can discover the best way to optimize their personal processing and regulation needs. Danni has developed tools and programs to support individuals in learning more about their body’s needs, as well as how their thinking and neurological processing impacts their ability to learn, regulate and interact with others. 

Danni’s guiding philosophy is, “Working with the ‘whole’ child, means recognizing that they are whole, and it’s our job as the caretakers of children to meet their needs by seeing who they are, and where they are in their personal development. In order to do that we have to continue to learn about our own processing systems, so we can create the circumstances and support that allows the children to grow into their greatest potential.”

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