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Dr. Amy King, aka Dr. Amy, is a licensed psychologist who provides training, consultation, and education to medical providers and clinics. Among her specialties is working with professionals to help create resilient children, patients and thriving families, guiding them to heal their stress and trauma through connected relationships. Her experience includes serving as a statewide trainer for the Oregon Department of Human Services and subject matter expert to promote child wellness in pediatric settings on behalf of the Children's Health Alliance. Her current work is promoting resilience within primary care medical homes and through partnership and collaboration via her podcast, her membership for medical providers, and trainings.

Friends – if you missed this episode early-on, you’re in for a treat! In her debut podcast launch, Dr. Amy engages in a riveting discussion with Dr. Ken Ginsburg, a pediatrician with 35 years of experience. Dr. Ginsburg is a resiliency expert who focuses on building trauma awareness in medicine, establishing tools and resources for providers, […]

Replay: Dr. Ken Ginsburg Creating Compassion Through Relationships

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Friends, Dr. Amy is away this week for a much-deserved vacation. But she wanted to leave a little treat for you. If you’re like her, you’re trying to squeeze in some sun after months of grey and rain! Here are five ways to be present on vacation with your family – whether you’re close to […]

While Dr. Amy’s away…

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Friends, You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.” How many of you are going around thinking, “Well, I just need to love myself more and then someone will love me? Or then, I’ll be able to love others?” What a lonely, potentially hopeless or confusing, question. […]

Why loving yourself before you love others is bogus

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Have you ever been told, “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else?” Well, Dr. Amy knows that’s nonsense! Join Dr. Amy as she debunks the myth of loving yourself before you can love others. She gives 3 straightforward, scientific reasons why this is the case. You’ll leave understanding the science of […]

Episode 35: 3 Myth Busters About Loving Yourself Before Loving Others

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Join Dr. Amy as she discusses 5 ways to help people think about their trauma differently. Often, people see their brain as broken, wrong, worried or forever damaged by trauma. It doesn’t have to be this way! In this episode, you’ll hear 5 scripts that Dr. Amy uses to help people look at their trauma […]

Episode 34: 5 Ways to Reframe Trauma Narratives

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Friends, You may not know this about me, but I’m three-quarter Irish – I come from the land of McBride and O’Lally as my grandparent’s surnames! Yes, fair-skinned, red heads abound in my family. It’s only because of the tiny percentage of German descent that I ended up blonde and easily sun-kissed. Oh well, I […]

Feeling Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hey Friends, Yesterday, I got to hang out with my friend, Aubrey Rose, for the morning. She’s almost two years old. We played, snacked, danced, sang, and cuddled for nearly 5 hours. She’s a gem. We laughed out loud and talked for hours. If you’re like me, you prefer kids most days to adults. Once […]

Resilience Reflections with Aubrey

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This is the beginning of a four-part series where I model how I talk with my clients about trauma. Listen as I explain how trauma can become more routine to discuss with patients, how to begin conversations and how to normalize responses. Then, we’ll dig into the story of “Claire” and how I explain to […]

Episode 33: Your Brain is Beautiful with Dr. Amy

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If you know me, you know that short-term relationships aren’t really my thing. I’m in them for the long-run. For the ups and downs, tears and triumphs supports and healing. In fact, most short-term things don’t work for me – unless it’s a short drive to get me closer to someone I love! I think […]

Growing Up with Dr. Amy

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Hey Friends, I know that practicing medicine is hard right now. There are so many compounding stressors – EHR pressures, medical misinformation, staffing shortages & vaccine hesitancy, to name a few. Currently, one of the hardest aspects of primary care is the lack of resources and support available for children, teens and families for mental […]

You don’t have to be a therapist

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