Moving Beyond Single Identities – Embracing Our Full Humanity

Hey #Friends, 

Those of you who read this newsletter understand my obsession with Peloton! Recently, I came across a fellow rider’s hashtag: #UglyFatLoser. I was saddened. I was slightly offended. I was disappointed in their hashtag identity. In the midst of my mental health work – exercise is critical for me – these self-critical words came floating into my orbit, unfortunately. I quickly turned off the notifications. But it was a stark reminder that harsh words and judgments can easily find their way to us. Friends, we are more than our shortcomings, and we are certainly more than our self-criticism.

In a world filled with labels that define us, it’s time to move beyond these limitations and embrace our whole selves. While I’m on this, other hashtags that bother me (feel free to send the hate mail now) are the hashtags that focuses on only ONE aspect of who you are or hashtags that are divisive. #owensmom #surgeonsofpeloton #thirdgradeteacher #fillintheoffensivedivisivehashtaghere Maybe these hashtags are who you are and what you love doing…but you’re so much more! 

Can I suggest something? Let’s create a hashtag that holds personal significance, one that reflects a deeper sense of belonging and identity. Let’s move beyond the roles we play and the identities imposed upon us. How about exploring hashtags like #JoyfulWoman, #Mountaineer, or #ILoveReading? It’s time to transcend the limitations of a single identity and embrace our multi-faceted, fully human selves.

Join me in challenging ourselves, as we celebrate the richness and depth of our whole selves. Together, let’s move beyond the limitations of single-identity labels and step into the fullness of our humanity.

With warmth and empowerment,