Boundaries and Authenticity via Peloton!

As we wrap up November and a month on the podcast that was all about boundaries, I thought I might mention a thing or two about boundaries in this newsletter. As a reminder, boundaries are defining what’s okay and what’s not okay for you. Boundaries are not a line the sand nor are they ultimatums. Boundaries are unique for each individual and can be fluid, depending on time, energy, and the season of your life. What feels okay for you, may not for me, and vice versa. One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is paying attention to what feels okay and not okay, including being my authentic self. 

As I was riding my Peloton this morning, I thought it might be fun to talk about boundaries via authenticity through some of my favorite instructors. If you don’t have a Peloton (why not??) this will still make sense. Here are some lessons I’ve taken about authenticity without apology from some of my favorite Peloton instructors. Have fun reading these! I had to go back and limit to FIVE because I realized that I’m #obsessed with Peloton and had to reel in my inner fan girl. 

Hannah Frankson: This British bomb has become my new favorite. Her music is my jam – check out her Spotify playlist here. She comes in like a lamb, with her “push-push” encouragement and then ends like an absolute lioness! I love her because she’s humble AND a beast at the same time. I hope to mirror this authenticity! 

Jess King: She’s Latina, fierce, queer, and a mama of two. She’s unapologetically moody, mischievous, and spicy. Her boundaries are clear, saying, “I’m not for everyone” and that message has stuck with me. As my team and I book speaking engagements and workshops, we realize, I’m not for everyone either. If you want an experience, I’m for you. If you want lots of love, incredible stories, and active learning, I’m for you. But if you want a low-key exchange of information, probably not. I want you to leave after time with me and my team feeling like you took part in something quite meaningful.  

Alex Toussaint: This man is fire. He’s this incredible balance of loving & passionate, while also intense & unrelenting. I feel like I could run through walls when I work out with him. I bawl when he talks about his parents and what it was like to be kid for him. And I absolutely love that makes no apologies that if you see him at the club, he’s not there for autographs, he’s there to have fun. Great boundary and unapologetic! 

Camila Ramón: Pure joy. I’ve learned to love Bad Bunny with this woman, appreciate my body in every form, and learn inappropriate Spanish from her. She shows up! She’s authentically herself, calls out haters, and talks openly about her struggles with self-image. She’s silly, sweet, and laughs at herself. What a gift! 

Jess Sims: What a gem. Former teacher, administrator, and athlete, she kicks your ass without apologizing, literally saying, “Sorry, I’m not sorry” and “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a strong time.” She’s multi-talented, rescues dogs, knows more about sports than most men, and loves donuts. How could you not love her? 

If you know me, you probably see why these instructors mirror a bit of me in different ways. They speak to different parts of me and inspire me every day. Also, knowing me means you know that working out is my mental health. I make time for myself, whether it’s a walk outside with friends, on my Peloton, lifting weights, or simply laying on a mat stretching after an easy jog, it’s me time. And that’s a big boundary for me. 

If you want to be friends on Peloton, you can find me @feelingsdoc – I’d love to ride, run, or lift with you! We can be unapologetically Peloton fan girls, or guys, together! Here’s to more boundaries via finding our authentic selves, in fun ways!

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