Transforming Your Classroom through Connection and Resilience

Where Wellness Meets Education, Innovation & Collaboration

This 2-Day Intensive that will transform your relationships with students and families while shifting the culture of your classroom


Light Breakfast and Delicious Lunch Daily

Direct Instruction - Dr. Amy will provide curriculum overview on trauma, resilience, and efficacious interventions.

Small Groups - Practice interventions within a small group setting. Multiple opportunities to collaborate and consult on cases.

Resources - Get access to handouts and resources to take back to your classrooms. PDFs & scripts included.

Morning “Wellness Walk” around Dr. Amy’s farm on Day 1 and Optional Yoga on Day 2.


— Principal and attendee of one of Dr. Amy's trainings

“My staff walked away saying this was one of the best professional development trainings they have ever been to.”


Tell the viewer what transformation they can expect to happen after working with you! 

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Pre-conference Gathering at the Farm– june 23 from 6pm to 8pm

Let’s explore how far we've come with trauma and resilience research over the past 20 years over a sunset gathering for wine and heavy appetizers at The Farm.

Meet your fellow conference attendees while getting connected and ready to learn. This intention-setting evening will bring us all together to discuss the principles of being trauma-informed and the landmark research that completely transformed public understanding about the connection between childhood development and trauma.


How does trauma present in children? What's the latest research telling us? This part of our day will focus on how to spot the signs and symptoms of trauma with children in your classroom.

Neurobiology Know-How!

We will use case study to practice classroom dialogue so that you can infuse fresh, impactful, connection-building, and empowering language into your interactions with children and families.

Compassion-Informed Care in Action!

If you’ve previously learned about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), superb! Get ready for ACES 201 – specifically designed around current research regarding ACEs with a specific focus on school-age children, family health, and specific populations such as children with medical needs (including ASD and ADHD) and children you serve from specific settings (such as foster care and LGBTQ+).

ACES 201 for Educators  

Day 1 – june 24th from 8:30am - 4:15pm

Let’s collaborate for a bit – learn from other educators about how they’re already implementing compassionate practices into their daily activities.

Expert Insight  

Learn the 7 C's of Resilience and how to begin conversations in your school. Also, discuss how implementing these practices will begin to transform the culture of your classroom.

Wrap It Up! 

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Let's chat about tough cases. Let's discuss how to help the toughest families. Our wrap-up will use case study to pull our 2 days together. If you have particular cases to focus on - let's tackle those first!  

Coffee Chat

You're the most important ingredient - we will work in small groups and pairs to collaborate and hone these intervention skills. We will extend these concepts to bolster your own resilience, which will counteract burnout. 

It's Really About You! 

You will learn and practice 3-5 minute, trauma-informed, efficacious interventions that can be used during appointments. These interventions will help kids and families thrive through life's challenges AND you'll feel so practical and resourceful! 

Resilience On the Fly

Day 2 – june 25th from 8:30am - 4:15pm*

Let’s collaborate! Create tools, scripts and handouts that you can utilize in your classroom now. You’ll have time to consult with me and each other about meaningful ways you can become a champion in your school. 

Collaboration and Wrap-up

*Optional Wine Reception afterwards

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The Allison Inn and Spa in Newberg - The Allison is beautiful and romantic. And Jory Restaurant is a favorite of mine!

Airbnb - Check out these listings: “Wine Country Spa House” or “Modern Newberg Farmhouse Retreat”

Holiday Inn Express Wine Country - If you call and say that you are with the “Transforming Primary Care” conference group, you’ll receive 15% off your stay!

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2-Day Intensive for educators Early Bird Registration (pre-conference included)

 - Teacher and attendee of one of Dr. Amy's trainings

"Amy brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh. She keeps it real. As a person with 5 ACEs myself who raised two daughters on my own, her training really hit home for me."