You may not realize it, but I see and respond to EVERY email from my inbox, personally. And this is why: being seen and heard is important. You’re taking time to read my words, feel inspired, and, perhaps, take small actions. So, it means a great deal to me when you reach out, email, ask questions, and share part of your lives with me. I don’t take you for granted, ever. 

Today, I’m sitting at an airport in Los Angeles, after spending a day with amazing humans I was training as they learned about trauma informed care. You know what they’re realizing? Trauma is everywhere. It lives in us. And it lives in the people we work with and in people we love. And we hold hope that we can address the manifestation of trauma by creating connection and being in community. I feel honored to do this work. Again, there were so many stories that were shared today. 

Speaking of sharing, a recent newsletter reader shared this poem with me after I wrote about the house where I grew up. I wanted to share it with all of you, because it brought me to tears. 

The small plot of ground
on which your were born
cannot be expected to stay 
forever the same.

Earth changes,
And home becomes
different places.

You took flesh from clay,
but the clay did not
come from just one place.

To feel alive, important and safe
know your own hills and waters
but know more.

You have stars in your bones
and oceans in your blood.
You have opposing terrain
in each eye.

You belong to the land and sky
of your first cry
You belong to infinity.

Alla Renee Bosarth

Please continue sharing with me and with others. And if you know of a friend or colleague who should be reading this newsletter, please send them here.

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