Meet “Brain, The Rock, Johnson”

Hey Friends, 

The beginning of January has already been a whirlwind for me and my team!

It’s only the third week of the month and, collectively, we’ve hosted seven learning collaboratives for professionals. I’ve flown to Arizona to present to educators at New Way Academy and hosted two, day-long workshops for Oregon Department of Human Services. Whew! And we’re not done! I still have podcast episodes to record with incredible guests and other workshops for physicians. It’s no wonder I’m tired, but SO INCREDIBLY energized by this work. 

Having fun along the way is important to me. This past week, I took a new friend with me to Arizona. Anytime I buy a new prop or tool, the first group gets to “name it.” Previously, that’s included workshop titles, podcast names, and retreats. This past week, it meant naming my new prop, a stuffed brain, that I use when I discuss trauma, neurobiology, and brain states. In case you’re interested, here were our contenders:

Marlon “Braindo”
Brain, The Rock, Johnson
Amygdala – emphasis on “Amy” 
And Brain, The Rock Johnson, was the winner!! What would you have voted for?

Perhaps, more importantly, when we have fun while understanding trauma, it feels less heavy to our nervous systems. When we see models, we have a deeper understanding of learning. And when we feel like part of a process, we’re more likely to own it ourselves! 

As 2024 is unfolding, I would LOVE the opportunity to chat with you about speaking at your organization. Here are topics that I LOVE to speak with groups about:

  • Organizational Wellness – we MUST fill our cup as helpers and healers before we can help others. If you’re with me and tired of people telling you to be “more resilient” or “take better care of yourself” then you would LOVE my workshops on wellness. Book a call with me today to talk about Pencil Moments and how to create less overwhelm at work.
  • Trauma-Informed Space – Having just wrapped up several talks with schools and hospitals about what it means to be a trauma-informed organization, I feel more certain than ever how important this work is. Whether you have 90 minutes or an entire day, let’s start talking about how to create more spaces that are trauma-informed and respond with compassion. Together, we can do this hard work! 
  • Strengthening children and families – There’s so much we can do to support families and create resilient, thriving children. Whether you’re a pediatrician, family practitioner, educator, or home visitor, I can teach you practical tools today! 

Thanks so much again for creating such a meaningful, open, and warm environment for our teams and community members and for all of the information you presented! – Michelle Wells, LCSW, PPSC

Finally, I want to give a shout out to my team as we grow! We have several experts available to help you, speak on various topics, share space in a ConnectEd Collab, or share wisdom. We want to help you and your organization thrive!

The Rock and I will catch you later!

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