Welcome to 2024 – Let’s Embrace New Beginnings!


As we step into the new year, I’m excited to share a few thoughts and a few opportunities that we have in store. First, I’d love it if you considered being part of our monthly communities, called ConnectEd Collabs. More information on how to do so is below. Second, I want to talk about my word AND SONG! of the year for inspiration. Finally, I’d love to see how you reflected on 2023 – so there’s an invitation to share via email or on social media here!

1. Join Our Learning Collaborative: Calling all healthcare professionals, educators, and other child and family-focused professionals! The ConnectEd Collab is a space where we meet monthly, discuss a variety of topics that help you thrive and feel supported, and provide CME and/or certificates of attendance. We invite you to be a part of a supportive and informed community dedicated to building resilience within relationships, starting with you! This collaborative is a platform for meaningful discussions, connection, and growth. And, you can come for FREE to check it out!

2. Word of the Year: Let’s Reflect and Project. The concept of a “word of the year” is a powerful way to guide and focus our intentions. This year, my chosen words are “faith” and “determination.” As my business grows, I’ve added new team members and fellow consultants. With so much growth, which is a GREAT problem to have, I’m leaning strongly into faith that we have the most loving, supportive, knowledgeable team dedicated to supporting you, understanding trauma, and creating a world of resilience. When faith fails, which it surely can, I’m diving straight into determination. Determination to grow, challenge myself, my team, and create a world that is trauma-informed and where we move upstream to help the helpers and the people they serve. Want to hear more about this? Join us weekly on the podcast

What word will inspire you through 2024? Share yours with us!

3. Song for 2024: “Hope” by NF. Music has a unique way of uplifting our spirits. Click here to listen to “Hope” by NF, my chosen song to remind myself that the world is ready for something different, inspiring, connected, and intentional!

4. Capturing Joy: Share Your Moments. To celebrate the start of 2024, let’s kick-start the year by sharing a picture with your loved ones where genuine joy and presence shine through. Tag us @doctoramyllc or drop an email to share moments of remembrance for 2023.

Let’s embrace the new year with hope, determination, and a spirit of community. Here’s to a year filled with positivity, growth, and shared connections.

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