Two Treats for Halloween

Hello Friends, 

It’s been a bit since I talked about my body of work. We’ve been sending out a lot of emails to help the helpers. And we’re gearing up for a FREE workshop in just one week – check it out!

Today, I have two treats for you. One mom story, which I know so many of you relate to and one offering for my friends who work with children and families. So, for those of you who are parents AND helpers, it’s a two-for-one!  

First, thanks to all of you who reached out after my “dropping off my heart at college” newsletter. Mid-September, I dropped off my daughter to college, so we’ve been navigating that for the past 6 weeks. Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that she’s found some great friends and enjoying most of her classes. The bad news, this isn’t feeling easier yet. It’s still hard to walk past her room and I miss coffee-mornings with her. I love seeing her grow and invest in new experiences; but it’s hard watching from afar. Yet, I’m trying to look on the bright side and I DO have other good news – my teenager at home is thriving…for now, I hope I don’t jinx it by saying so. We had the best conversation last weekend between him blaring rap music and driving to the mall with me. I told him that his sister had my undivided attention for two years and that now he had 1:1 time with me. I thought he might find that “cringy,” but he smiled and said, “yeah, it’s not so bad.” We spent the entire afternoon laughing, making fun of mall observations, eating junk food, and then went home to watch a Halloween movie. You know what he wanted to watch? Disney’s Villains because he knows I don’t like scary movies. So, I’m trying to focus on soaking up this young man and finding new ways to know him while my heart still aches for my daughter. Both can be true, and I’m embracing that.

Second, my offering to those of you who work with children and families. There are two tracks for professionals to work with me. In person trainings – on wellness, overwhelm, Cards for Connection, or ways to reframe resilience; or, within learning collaboratives called The ConnectEd Collabs. Here’s my hope as we wrap up the last couple of months of 2023. I hope you find your way to one of these engagements with me. The work is SO very important. I’m realizing more and more the importance of connection – not just for the children and families with whom we work, but for us. In community. We cannot do this work in isolation. 

I hope you begin to think about what feels good for you and what you need. If you’re a professional working with kids and families or a parent, you need community. If it’s not one that I offer, let me help you find one. I know so many great people who offer groups, coaching, and support. 

Have a happy Halloween – I hope these two treats feel special for you. And, I hope you enjoy that candy bar you’ve been eyeing in your kids’ treat bucket. 

Hope to see some of you next Tuesday

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