You’ve been heard

Hello Friends, 

Well, it seems we hit a nerve. A week ago, in a passionate plea, I put out a special edition newsletter to all of you. After hearing months of worry, consternation, internalization, and overwhelm with children’s behavior, the state of teachers has only gotten worse. Since the beginning of the school year, schools have shut down due to increasing violence, teachers are quitting, burnout is on the rise, and communities are concerned. Everyone is scratching their heads. 


I’ve been doing this work – sitting at the intersection of professionals who work with children, for 23 years. And here’s what I see: trauma is on the rise amidst our kids. Behavior is more complex than we’ve ever seen. Teenage rates of depression and anxiety are off the charts. And preschoolers have more behavioral disruption than we’ve seen. Educators are asking to do more than ever, with more students and less resources. We already had an epidemic of loneliness, compounded with ACTUAL research that screens are hurting our kids, and then, we ran an experiment on children for two years of isolation and lack of access to the helpers and healers. 

This is the result. 

Spitting. Kicking. Biting. Refusing. Yelling. Disruption. Dysregulation. Withdrawal. Suicide. Cleared classrooms. Burned out teachers. Running. Stripping. Screaming. Truancy. Hypersensitive. Hyposensitive. Sadness. Throwing chairs. Bullying. 

On November 7, I’m offering a FREE workshop, My Teacher Friends are NOT okay at 6pm PST. 

Your mission: COME – show up for you

Your homework: Bring a friend who should be here

We won’t solve all the problems. But we WILL have some tools for ourselves and the kids we’re dedicated too. 

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s not okay to be alone.

See you soon!