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Hello Friends, 

I want to remind you about what other professionals are saying about Cards for Connection! 

And others:

From Serena, a nurse practitioner in family medicine: 

I’ve always known that connection really predicted health. Having this tool will help me explain that to my families a lot better rather than it being a gut feeling. It’ll be like “Now we have evidence that when your child has more people besides just you to go to, it will build their resilience and their ability to stay healthy throughout their life.”

From Jenny, a pediatrician: 

There are so many things I love about Cards for Connection. They’re so practical. You can use them as a good conversation starter and they are age specific. They help me build a closer connection with my patients and families!

I think the cards help talk about topics that were hard to talk about before. They really help break it down into small things that are doable for the families. I have had good feedback from my families, particularly about these topics which I feel like I never really got into before Cards for Connection.

There are so many things we have to do and the list is just overwhelming. But I feel like there is so much value in these topics that it is worth the investment. 

From an educator & mental health expert, Anonymous:

Dr. Amy, what you’ve done here is make tools accessible. I’ve never seen a training that’s so intentional and packaged in a way that makes “hard-to-understand” concepts so palatable and straightforward. Thank you so much for doing this work! 

Friends, it’s been almost a decade since I started creating these interventions. First, with the help of pediatricians who let me know what felt meaningful for them. And now, with healthcare professionals, educators, and home visitors who know what they need – tools to address the complex behaviors and trauma they see every day. That’s why I created this program! It’s for you!

Often, it’s hard for professionals to invest in our learning. We think we’re investing in a luxury. Like a monthly massage or dinner with friends. But it’s not. Being part of a community of like-minded professionals who know what it’s like to address trauma, experience it and want to know HOW TO RESPOND to it, is like breathing air. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask so that you feel alive, competent and supported. 

The truth is… I don’t want any more professionals to feel alone or overwhelmed by the complex needs of children and families. I don’t want more of you leaving the profession because of burnout. And when you learn tools that make you feel inspired, create change, provide meaning – IT’S EVERYTHING. 

The most common feedback I hear from professionals in this community is that learning how to respond to trauma and create resilience has made them feel more competent and less burned out!

Maybe you’re ready for more meaning in your work – and it’s right here in this training. 

SOMETHING has to change. Maybe this is that moment for you. I want you to know this community is here. I hope you join us. 

It’s ok to want more – click here and join today.

It’s your time!