Join the Movement!

Last week, I told you all about the rollout of my new curriculum, Cards for Connection©, available now as an in-person training or digitally. 

I know so many of you are curious about not only what it means to be trauma-informed, but what to do when you see trauma or adversity in the children and families with whom you work. Cards for Connection© certification program does just that! We take efficacious, brief interventions that have been shown to offset trauma and address adversity and package them into bite-size, tangible tools in small doses at every encounter you have with a child. That means, if you’re a physician or other healthcare professional, at every appointment or well-visit. And if you’re an educator, at every home visit, classroom opportunity or parent engagement. You can build resilience in children – in fact, I know you’re ready!

Champions in Cards for Connection© have built their knowledge and internal capacity to help kids and families thrive! Here’s what they say:

It certainly has impacted my practice and one thing I am hoping is that as these interventions get more embedded into practice, we are going to be able to prevent a lot of the mental health and behavioral health problems we see in our kids at older ages. I am hoping that with time we will have stronger and more resilient kids that don’t have a lot of the challenges that the teens of today have. 

Some of Dr. Amy’s prior participants in her Cards for Connection training have referred to this as “the most important medicine” and I think that burnout as a provider really comes from not finding meaning in our work. This is the antidote for that. This is making our work far more meaningful and our families are loving when we do the interventions. I have had families come in for another visit and ask me, “What are we doing today? What’s next?” So I think it really invigorates the practice and invigorates the well visits that you will be surprised and happy if you start implementing them. The Cards again really bring important meaning to your work so give it a try. It’s actually going to take things off your plate eventually.

RJ Gillespie, MD, MPHE

Join us today to be part of something incredibly special. Give more meaning to your work and tune into what we know help children and families heal. If you’re not already convinced, reach out to us today and tell us how we can help! 

We want you to be part of this movement and community! There’s space for you where you’ll grow, learn and be in community.

With appreciation for all you do!