Launching a New Curriculum!

Hello Friends, 

This past week, I had the honor of hosting dozens of VIP’s to launch my trademark curriculum! I was excited, nervous, and so grateful! The curriculum, Cards for Connection, is my life’s work and it’s all about mitigating stress & trauma that children face and building resilience. And…it’s now available as a digital product! Woo-hoo! Or, if you represent an organization, I’ll come to you, in person!

Are you ready to become a ConnectEd Champion in the lives of children? I’m excited for you to join a team of like-minded colleagues and professionals who are dedicated to creating trauma-informed spaces and building resilience through efficacious interventions and practices. You can do this! Your organization needs this! 

Join us in our certification program, Cards for Connection: Nurturing Children and Families at Every Encounter. Our signature curriculum is designed to address adversities that children and families face by building strong, connected relationships with them. As a Champion in the lives of children, you are uniquely positioned to provide doses of resilience at every encounter.

What are Cards for Connection©?

  • Prescriptive cards to enhance relational health and impact social emotional health
  • Focuses on dyad b/w professional (provider or educator) and parent – a beginning model for dyad b/w caregiver and child
  • Strength based
  • Efficacious – underpinnings of research-based, trauma informed interventions
  • Brief interventions
  • Developmentally appropriate, across the lifespan, beginning prenatally

What do they look like?

You can do this! And here’s what’s included:

  • 2-year certification
  • Access to an online learning portal full of resources and digital learning
  • Join the ConnectEd Collab – FREE with in-person trainings – a monthly learning collaborative to deepen your learning and be in community with other colleagues doing this important work!
  • A certificate of education & CME for the learning collabs! 

And if that’s not enough, look at the impact you/your organization could be having:

  • 51% documented learning gains on what trauma looks like in children and families
  • 28% increase in knowledge of understanding what historical and intergenerational trauma is
  • 65% increase in comfort providing mental health interventions to meet the needs of infants and toddlers
  • 61% increase in knowledge for providing brief interventions to strengthen resilience and relational health for children and families 

Friends, this data is SO compelling. The growth and confidence of professionals to increase internal capacity, bridge the gap for needed interventions, and strengthen early relational health is incredible!! I’d love you to join us.

Still have questions? Book a call with Dr. Amy or connect with us at