Celebrating my book!

Hello Friends, 

I closed my laptop and took in a deep breath. A big sigh of relief escaped me. I texted my friend and co-author, Dr. R.J. Gillespie, and sent him a virtual high five. I had done it. We had done it! Our final book edits were submitted to The American Academy of Pediatrics. The title: Moving Upstream: Building Early Relational Health as Primary Prevention to Mitigate the Effects of Adversity. It’s a book that will transform how care is delivered in a trauma-responsive way in the field of pediatrics. And I am so proud of us!! 

As a psychologist who works with professionals in the lives of children and families, this book has been a passion project. I’ve worked with pediatricians for over two decades, and over the past 9 years, I’ve collaborated with pediatricians, provided education, and trained organizations about what trauma looks like in children and how to respond in ways that build resilience and nurture families. This book is a blueprint for organizations and physicians to build a practice that is trauma-responsive, utilizes interventions that build resilience through building buffering relationships, and teaches pediatricians how to respond to parental adversity and childhood trauma. 

Back to Saturday, as I closed my laptop, breathed deeply, and took a moment to celebrate, I felt levity and weight at the same time. Levity because so much work was done. And we had reason to celebrate! What we’re putting in the hands of healthcare professionals in the spring of 2024 represents years of work! We had submitted our initial drafts last year and turning it in yielded an incredible feeling. And, at the same time, I felt weighty. Had we done enough? Does it communicate what we wanted it to? And, as a psychologist submitting to the American Academy of Pediatrics, did I represent my field well? It’s not lost on me that most authors for the AAP are, appropriately, pediatricians such as my co-author. 

So, instead of dwelling on the next steps or roll out, you know what I did? I got in my car to head to a Labor Day party, put on my sunglasses, turned up the music in my car, and sang at the top of my lungs! Woot! Sometimes, we just need to celebrate and move through the feelings. Music helps me do this! 

I’ll keep you up-to-date as the book rolls out and becomes available. Spring of 2024 will come before we know it!

In the meantime, if you want to be part of the practical side of this book, join me in our learning collaborative – The ConnectEd Collab! We join as professionals once a month and discuss ways to build resilience for kids and families. Every month, we choose a theme such as The Art of Listening, Self-Compassion, or Maternal Mental Health (and so much more!). People come for the content and STAY for the community. We hope you join us! 

I’ll keep you updated about the book, but I hope to see you sooner