Episode 51: Three Ways to Recognize a Trauma Response is Happening with Dr. Aimie Apigian

Friends – you’re in for a treat as we wrap up YEAR ONE of our podcast, The Most Important Medicine.

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH is a double board-certified physician with 2 Master’s Degrees in Biochemistry and Public Health and is the leading medical expert on stored trauma in the body. She bridges the worlds of functional medicine and trauma therapy to help accelerate the trauma healing journey through her framework and protocols addressing The Biology of Trauma™.

Trauma became her study and passion after 2 very personal experiences for her: adopting 4-year-old Miguel from the California foster care system and experiencing her own severe health crash and burnout in 2014 while finishing her 3rd year of general surgery residency.

Having to learn things she never learned in medical school to help her son and rebuild her own health and life, she now teaches what she had to learn: the difference between stress and trauma in the body and how to help the body heal itself. Her vision is to help 1 million professionals accelerate their own trauma healing journey and to bring the biology piece of trauma work to every medical and mental health education system in the world by the year 2041.

And her work is getting worldwide recognition! She founded Trauma Healing Accelerated to offer online educational and experiential trauma healing programs that integrate all of the different pieces of training she has including Somatic Experiencing, NeuroAffective Touch, art narrative trauma therapy, and Internal Family Systems along with a long list of functional medicine mental health and addiction training. She has had >160,000 registrants for her annual Biology of Trauma Summits, has led hundreds of professionals through her modules in the Biology of Trauma Certification Course, and has been recognized by her peers in the functional medicine health entrepreneur Mindshare Mastermind community for the second year in a row for having the biggest growth in her business.


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