Episode 46: Taking Time for Joy

We’re in desperate need to celebrate small joys in life. Join Dr. Amy as she discusses finding joy as a way to avoid re-traumatization. Finding joy helps to ameliorate some of the compounding stressors so that we have energy to draw from during hardships.

This year has been coined, The Year of Sophia. Why? Because my daughter, Sophia, graduates from high school in just 4 days! The “why” is truly important and has allowed me to slow down, set boundaries and be intentional with my time. So, as different opportunities have cropped up for our family, for my business, or for each of us as individuals, the first question is: Will this interfere with any event for senior year? If so, it’s a hard “no.”

But, there are parts of Sophia (and every child) that deserve much brighter lights of celebration. I want to honor, not only her accomplishments, but her character.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to gush about one of my greatest accomplishments. And to all the seniors graduating – I support you and celebrate you. May you find contentedness and reach for your dreams. And to the parents celebrating seniors – I see you. Great job. We did it.


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