Episode 44: Accompany people along their journey to create purpose and find meaning with Dr. Joe Sherman

Dr. Joe Sherman shares an abundance of experience and wisdom – from Bolivia to Seattle – his career has been filled with compassion and service. But it’s also been filled with a great deal of life lessons during his tenure as a pediatrician, husband and father. We talk about the MOST important part of pediatrics, coaching and caring for oneself. With Joe, you’ll find warmth, growth and encouragement.

Joe Sherman, M.D. is a pediatrician, coach and consultant to physicians and healthcare organizations in the areas of provider well-being, leadership, and career discernment. His services include individual coaching, medical team support, physician retreats and workshops. He is a trained facilitator with the Center for Courage & Renewal and a Master Certified Physician Development Coach with the Physician Coaching Institute. 

Dr. Sherman has been in pediatric practice for over 35 years concentrating on healthcare delivery to underserved and medically complex children in the District of Columbia, Tacoma, Seattle, Uganda, and Bolivia. He has held numerous faculty positions and is currently Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington.

Dr. Joe Sherman

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