Episode 38: Name the Experience to Create Meaning with the Co-Founders of Tend Health

Meet the founders of Tend Health and learn how they’re disrupting medicine and providing healing spaces for healthcare professionals. In this episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Christina Runyan and Dr. Joan Fleishman, psychologists and co-founders of Tend Health. They’re breaking barriers in healthcare by providing accessible mental health services. These powerhouses are asking the question – “What’s the cost of NOT providing these services” to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Join me as we talk about the hidden curriculum of medicine and the value in sharing resources.

Christine Runyan, PhD, ABPP

Christine Runyan is a clinical health psychologist, Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the Co-Founder of Tend Health. After starting her career as a psychologist in the US Air Force, she focused her research, clinical service, and teaching on behavioral science in family medicine as well as promoting models of integrated primary care. Dr. Runyan is also a mindfulness teacher at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness. At the height of the pandemic, recognizing the undeniable need for expert mental health services for healthcare professionals, she launched Tend Health. Tend Health provides specialized, private, and accessible mental health care and education to healthcare professionals and consultation to healthcare organizations willing to invest in their most precious resource.

Joan Fleishman, PsyD

Joan Fleishman is a clinical psychologist and the Co-Founder of Tend Health. She previously was an Assistant Professor and Director of Behavioral Health in the Department of Family Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine. She has spent the majority of her career working in medical settings leading teams and building programs to forward the field of behavioral health integration in primary care. In 2020 she co-founded Tend Health, an organization that provides specialized, expert, low-friction mental health care to healthcare professionals. She holds the role of COO and clinician, providing educational offerings and clinical services to the healthcare professionals Tend serves.


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