Vacation – same stuff different city


I just got back from a memorable vacation and much-needed time away from work. The sun is still warm on my face if I picture it. Beaches, swimming and lazy days were just what we needed! I feel fortunate to have been able to travel with my family and grateful to take time away from work. 

And…it was the same stuff we deal with at home, just warmer.

Kids still fight.

Traffic can be horrible.

Disparities in socioeconomic status are abundant. 

Families struggle.

Couples fight. 

Kids complain about food.

Lines are long.

People are grumpy. 

Even in gorgeous vacation spots…

So, just a quick reminder, that if you’re currently scrolling through social media and seeing pictures of everyone else’s beautiful spring break trips, remember this:

No one posts pictures of fights. 

No one posts pictures of sunburns.

Lack of gratitude is not photo-worthy. 

Many people could not afford to travel.

No one posts food poisoning, grumpy teens, toddler tantrums or dehydration. 

Piles of work you’re returning home to don’t show up in feeds.

But, if you’re like me, you’re happy to have had a vacay or a stay-cay. You’re grateful for your family, even though they’re not perfect and you count your blessings that your perfectly imperfect family vacation was more than most people dream of. 

And you’re grateful to be home, dogs loved and flowers blossoming as the reminder of spring blooms everywhere. 

If you’re a physician or healthcare provider, I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks for our spring, mini provider retreat focused on relational health and connection!