While Dr. Amy’s away…


Dr. Amy is away this week for a much-deserved vacation. But she wanted to leave a little treat for you. If you’re like her, you’re trying to squeeze in some sun after months of grey and rain! Here are five ways to be present on vacation with your family – whether you’re close to home or far away!

  1. Leave work at work! Dr. Amy is checked out for the week. Only emergencies get tended to. 
  2. Leave electronics at the hotel/home for the day. It’s amazing what full presence and quality time can bring about for a family. Lay in the grass. Count clouds. Listen to music. Read. Play cards. Dance.
  3. Play! Humans are the ONLY mammals that don’t play every day. Play comes in so many forms, so find yours. Games with rules, make believe, scavenger hunts – whatever feels playful to you. If you’re not sure, ask your kids – you may surprise them and they’ll definitely surprise you with ideas!
  4. Give everyone disposable cameras for the day. No perfect pictures, no photoshop. Just click whatever inspires you. Have the film developed when you get home and reminisce about your time together. 
  5. Allow everyone to have a voice in choosing an activity. Sure, you may spend an hour letting little fish eat at your feet, but your teenagers will be thrilled. Or you may build sandcastles only to watch them wash away, but your 5 year old will feel delighted in. 

These moments – relational, connected, loving moments – even when they’re not perfect, are the cornerstone of what create the fabric of your family. They are the moments that shape us. You don’t have to spend gobs of money, or go far away. Adventure awaits. And the most important part is the connection!

If you’re all-in and want to learn more about how to enhance relational health – and you’re a healthcare provider or educator – reply and say, I’m in and we’ll send you all the details!!

See you next week – relaxed and refreshed!