Feeling Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day!


You may not know this about me, but I’m three-quarter Irish – I come from the land of McBride and O’Lally as my grandparent’s surnames! Yes, fair-skinned, red heads abound in my family. It’s only because of the tiny percentage of German descent that I ended up blonde and easily sun-kissed. Oh well, I can always dye my hair, right?

So, I thought today would be a fun day to simply shout out a few things I’m grateful for in my business and, perhaps, inspire you to be part of our growth! Here are SEVEN things I want to highlight, because…lucky number 7 of course!

  • In January, we onboarded 43 medical providers into Provider Lounge: A Learning Collaborative to Build Resilience. Woohoo! This year, we’ve discussed the importance of boundaries, how to create positive childhood experiences for ALL patients (yes, even adults) and The Art of Listening. Join us for a free meeting
  • My podcast is officially international, reaching as far as Australia. Pinch me! 
  • On that note, a pediatric internist from Wisconsin recently reached out to me and told me that the podcast was transforming how he practices medicine and sees people. That one comment made my heart swell with pride and gratitude! 
  • I’ve sent my book, co-authored by my friend, RJ, off to the American Academy of Pediatrics for an official round of edits. It will come out in 2024! 
  • I’m working with an IP attorney to officially trademark my body of work to build resilience at every stage of a child’s life. Cards for Connection© will now be a curriculum and certification program available for professionals who work with children and families, starting with physicians and healthcare providers.  
  • On that note, join me at my mini-retreat in April! We’re going to spend one and a half days in wine country learning all about resilience and how to utilize Cards for Connection© – you’ll be certified as a champion in creating resilience for children at every well visit or encounter! 

Not sure if this retreat is for you? Here’s what two physicians had to say after learning about these brief, relationship-building, trauma-buffering interventions: 

“For the first time, in a long time, I realized I was going to be a better pediatrician!” Erika M., MD

“Practical, positive insights and strategies that are helpful for both my patients during short visits, and myself” Jenny B., MD

  • We growing Provider Lounge every day – come for the content, but stay for the community. Organizations can join, but so can individuals. I just received a message in my inbox this week that, yet another, incredible nurse practitioner is joining us! Hooray!  

Did I mention there are only about 7 spots left for my mini-retreat? Be sure to reserve yours now! 

By the way, are you wearing green today? Luck of the Irish to you!