Growing Up with Dr. Amy

If you know me, you know that short-term relationships aren’t really my thing. I’m in them for the long-run. For the ups and downs, tears and triumphs supports and healing. In fact, most short-term things don’t work for me – unless it’s a short drive to get me closer to someone I love! I think it’s because I’m a loyalist and it takes time to build loyalty, trust and meaningful connection. 

So, you can imagine that, while I’m a great psychologist, short-term therapy doesn’t always jive for the clients I serve and me. Mostly, I work with children, families, and adults that have experienced complex trauma. So, short-term work isn’t always efficacious – complex trauma work involves relationship building and proven methods – think EMDRTrauma-focused CBTCircles of Support, or Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

About 10 years ago, my friend and colleague, Linda said, “Wow, people really stay with you for a while.” At first, I thought it was a dig, like she was more effective because of the 6-10 sessions she did with adults in her practice. But then she said, “I think people like growing up with you. I think some people need it.” And she was right. Sometimes I see an adult overcoming their own trauma, and it’s like re-parenting through tough, weekly work. Sometimes I see a child, turned teenager, intermittently throughout their life. Not because the treatment the first round wasn’t effective, but because they continue to be exposed to trauma throughout their life with little access to support in their home – that IS what creates complexity in trauma. Or, sometimes I see someone for a decade as they transition between homes, parts of their lives or through other life transitions because, together, we hold the story of what they’ve overcome. Regardless of the “why,” I’m honored to walk this journey with so many people.

So, when it comes to training and consultation, I became passionate early-on at educating people who intersect in the lives of children as early as possible. I know that when children and families have early intervention, it can change the trajectory of their lives. This means pediatricians, family medicine, OB’s (when I’m lucky!), early childhood educators, nurse home visitors, and child care providers. And you can imagine how delighted I was when I was asked to create a curriculum for professionals to use that would mitigate stress and trauma AND build resilience through relational health throughout a child’s life. YES MA’AM, I’M IN! 

And so I have – I’ve created what are called Cards for Connection©, a beautiful array of cards that prescribe resilience-building, relationship-buffering, loving connections at every stage and age throughout a child’s life. Physicians, medical providers, educators and nurses simply LOVE these. They feel more competent and purposeful in their work. AND, they’re doing something preventative that can change the course of a child’s life. 

Are you feelin’ me? Are you in it for the long-haul too? Are you wanting to be a change-maker for kids and families?

If you’re a physician or healthcare provider, I will teach you how to use these cards AND give you licensure to take them back to your practice. PLUS 6 months of CME through The Provider Lounge: A Learning Collaborative to Build Resilience. It’s happening at The Farm, April 28-29th. And no, you don’t have to be a therapist, or even pretend to be – these tools are quick and effective, think 3-5 minutes. Sign up now, we’re filling up!

If you’re an educator, home visitor, care provider and want to learn these tools, I’ve got you. We’re going to meet in the late summer to fill up your cup before you head back to school, date TBD. But if you’re interested, respond and say, I’m an educator and I’m in

So, once again, if you’re like me and you want access to my trademarked curriculum that will change the lives of the children and families with whom you work, sign up now. 

Physicians, BHC’s & healthcare providers HERE

Educators, reply, I’m in!

Here’s to being a changemaker with me!