Episode 21: Early Relationships Matter with Dr. David Willis

Join Dr. Amy as she talks with friend and colleague, Dr. David Willis. Together, they discuss early relational health, the importance of supporting families early and often and Dr. Willis shares poignant stories from his incredibly rich career.

David W Willis, MD, FAAP serves a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Social Policy and a national expert in pediatrics, early childhood systems, early relational health and early childhood mental health. At CSSP he helps to advance the growing intersection of child health transformation and early childhood system building with a social justice emphasis and an early relational health frame. Prior to coming to CSSP, Dr. Willis served as the Inaugural Executive Director of the Perigee Fund in Seattle, the Division Director of Home Visiting and Early Childhood Systems in HRSA under the Obama administration, an early brain and child development pediatric leader in Oregon and AAP, and a 30+ year developmental-behavioral pediatric clinician in Portland, Oregon. He received his MD from Thomas Jefferson University.


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