Episode 19: We’re Not Dangerous – Advocacy for Mental Illness with Kitt O’Malley

Join Dr. Amy & mental health advocate, Kitt O’Malley as we discuss her journey. As a former therapist and adult living with Bipolar Disorder, she shares with vulnerability and compassion for herself, her family and those living with mental illness. Kitt’s approach is warm and insightful – and it will give you perspective as a healthcare professional b/c we can often miss mental illness, in plain sight, if we’re not curious and if we’re not listening with an open mind and heart.

Kitt O’Malley is an author, speaker, mental health advocate and former therapist. In her book, Balancing Act – Writing Through a Bipolar Life, she offers hope to those living with mental illness and their loved ones. As a therapist who left her career due to mental illness, O’Malley educates the public about mental health and fights stigma against those living with mental illness by challenging stereotypes.


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