Episode 16: Tell Me Your Story – The impact of child abuse on parenting with Dawn Daum

Dr. Amy & Dawn dive deep into parenting and the impact of child abuse on parenting. It’s a heartfelt conversation, bring the tissues. 

Dawn is co-editor of the book Parenting with PTSD: the impact of childhood abuse on parenting. She is a mother of two, has an ACE score of 9, and has spent nearly 20 years working in the trenches of the mental health system.

Dawn is currently the Program Director for Milestone Manor, a recovery home in Saratoga Springs, NY. Previous to that she provided ICM and Health Home care management services to adults living with mental illness in the community. She entered her career in the field as a mental health inpatient tech and child and youth residential counselor.

Dawn uses both her personal and professional experience to write, speak, and facilitate conversation about trauma-informed systemic change. Her mission is to help shift the culture’s understanding of what it means to recalibrate and heal the mind and body from trauma.

You can connect with Dawn via email at tdawn.eightyone@gmail.com, or visit her websites www.parentingwithptsd.com and www.dawndaum.com to learn more.

Links Dawn Mentioned

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