Episode 15: Complex Medical Needs and Clear Boundaries with Dr. Gene Nicholson

Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Gene Nicholson, as we discuss the needs of children and families with complex medical needs. He also discusses how he’s learned to set clear boundaries and priorities to protect his own mental health. Dr. Nicholson’s compassion, energy, and hard-fought lessons bring insight and understanding to his patients & colleagues.

Dr. Nicholson, a Kaiser Physician, has a primary care clinic, and a diabetes clinic (for kids w T1 and T2 diabetes), and has been working in a multidisciplinary chronic pain clinic since February 2022. He has also worked on the wards at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. He volunteers for Gales Creek Camp since 2011, where he serves as a camp doctor one week every summer. He has been awarded the “Distinguished Physician Award” by his colleagues within Kaiser Permanente.

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