Let’s grow together!

Hey friends,

You know what’s been really fun this last week? Creating and updating my speaker page with my Project Manager, Tegan, of Mod Creative.  And, working with my business coach, Megan Hale! Sometimes, we MUST invest in ourselves to create the most accurate portrayal of who we are and what we’re passionate about in our lives and career. 

So, here’s the rollout folks….DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Dr. Amy’s speaker page link here.

Most of you know that I do a TON of speaking engagements every year. In 2023, I’ve already worked with Women’s Healthcare Associates, Care Oregon, Queenscare Health, & I’m headed to Salem this week to speak with Oregon Head Start Association. Next week, I head down to Lane County to speak with the Lane County Medical Society. I’m also doing a lot of virtual work with early childhood professionals through Prevent Child Abuse Oregon. Whether it’s virtual trainings or in-person retreats and keynotes, I find it SO VERY FULFILLING! 

It’s perfect timing too because I have a few spots available for half-day trainings and lunch-and-learn inspirations in February & March. If you’re interested in having me speak with your organization, grab a time here so we can chat and get it on your calendar for 2023! 

Let me tell you a story – I was training a group of physicians about creating resilience for their patients – a lifeline of support to bridge the gap of access to mental health resources and help families feel more competent. And as we worked together, transformation began. The providers began to share their stories about patients whose lives they’d touched and how this work was “the most important medicine” they had learned in their career. We discussed barriers to providing exceptional healthcare and addressing stress in trauma – and as we created community and conversation, you could feel the energy shift. It was truly magical! 

Thanks so much again for creating such a meaningful, open, and warm environment for our teams and community members and for all of the information you presented!

Fritz Jenkins
Administrator OHA Program Integrity
Oregon Health Authority

I’m known for creating keynotes and speaking events that entertain, educate and create meaningful conversations – whether it’s an audience of 30 or 3000. I talk about topics that feel tricky, difficult and hard to access – because, you know what? We’re human and we ALL struggle with these issues. Plus, I roll in actionable tools for individuals and organizations to implement immediately. 

So, I hope you reach out today. We CAN grow together through relational leadership training. We CAN thrive as organizations and create wellness and vitality for all. We CAN mitigate the effects of trauma by focusing on resilience. We do it TOGETHER, in community. 

Want to know how? Let’s chat

With compassion & kindness,

Dr. Amy