Episode 6: The Ultimate Cold Open with Dr. Eric Wiser on Rural Medicine

In this episode, Dr. Amy has a candid discussion with Dr. Eric Wiser, a physician with a wide ranging background from the jack of all trades rural medicine world to education roles at the world famous Oregon Health and Science University. During the course of his career, Dr. Wiser always tried to break down barriers for patients and families to educate, advocate for, and deliver compassionate care.

During the podcast, Dr. Amy and Dr. Wiser open up the conversation about the differences in rural versus urban medicine, especially as it relates to trauma informed care. Dr. Wiser found practicing in a rural area led to shared traumas across many of his patients due to the intimate nature of his practice. He also discusses the challenges of treating his friends and family when there were not other options available. 

Lastly, they discuss many ways to explore trauma with patients, and techniques that will yield results. This includes creating space, sitting back, and seeing what happens. It also helps to have a box of tissues on hand!


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