Welcome to 2023!

Hello friends,

Welcome to 2023! 

I’m taking a moment to reflect on all things 2022…and wow! Can I just say, it was quite a year! As I begin to ponder my word of the year (I’m thinking brave, intentional or “in company” for 2023), I try to reflect first on what’s been accomplished, both small and large. Sharing ups and downs with all of you is incredibly important to me – so here goes!! Here are a few insights into what I’ve been up to – behind the scenes and publicly! If you want the clean, polished Dr. Amy version, feel free to skip the colored text. Otherwise, be sure to read between the lines…literally


  • Launched The Provider Lounge: A Learning Collaborative to Build Resilience
    • In July, The Provider Lounge was approved for Continuing Medical Education 
    • In 2022, we welcomed almost a dozen physicians and as of this week, we welcome 43 more!! 

Whenever you host a party, you worry people won’t come. I spend hours fretting over whether I’m good enough and smart enough to host these amazing healthcare providers every month. We’re figuring it out together! I hope you join us if you’re a physician or healthcare provider. 

  • Started a podcast, The Most Important Medicine, in August
    • Can I just say, the podcast has been one of the greatest gifts of 2022? Listening to your stories, hearing how the podcast has transformed your practices, brought hope into the world and has gained listeners from ALL OVER THE WORLD? Thank you! 

Turns out, starting a podcast is pretty hard – don’t let anyone tell you differently. I have the hang of it now, but I spent many hours in front of Garage Band in tears! 

  • Turned in the final chapters of my book to The American Academy of Pediatrics with my co-author, Dr. RJ Gillespie.
    • We’re still waiting for edits to come back from various subcommittees, but this work is important, grounding and will change pediatric care. 

Thank you, RJ, for writing and dreaming with me. For believing, like me, that pediatricians should have this book in their hands yesterday! Thanks for sharing your life with me and allowing me to call you a friend. 

  • Finished a year-long endeavor THRIVE, with an amazing colleague. We helped hundreds of healthcare professionals address vitality and workplace wellness. 

We learn a lot about ourselves through partnerships. I’m grateful for the partnership and for lessons learned from our healthcare heroes. So many days, I left meetings with nurses, doctors, front office staff, BHC’s and administration who were in tears at the state of our healthcare system. I cried with them and for them. 

If you’re not familiar with PCAO or TFFF, do so now! The leaders at the helm of these great, non-profit organizations are nothing short of exceptional!! The work they do and the lives they touch are wide spread. Every time they ask me to do something, I wonder, “Will I be what they need? Can I support their mission?” I’m so grateful for their partnership. 

  • Continued work with Oregon Echo Network to provide education to hundreds of medical providers regarding child psychiatry and integrated behavioral health care.

Turns out, OEN supports all corners of our state. I’m humbled every week by the brilliance and self-sacrifice physicians in our state make, and yet show up to learn best practices in our state. Thanks OEN! Also – being Oprah on zoom ain’t easy friends – but I’m up for continuing to try!! 

You want to talk about a committed group of folks? People committed to children’s lives in our state – often folks who get a bad rap and are simply doing their best. If you haven’t read ODHS’s transformation statement to support keeping children with families – here it is! Read it before you judge them please! 

  • Provided countless workshops on burnout, provider overwhelm and managing stress during unprecedented times in healthcare. Check out a recording here!! 

Did I mention tears? Almost 200 of you showed up and countless others have watched the recording. 

  • Got to work with so many sectors and areas across our state – I feel humbled to do this work! 
  • Hired two associate consultants to add to my team!

My team – without them, there is no Dr. Amy. Especially Tegan, my PM, makes me polished, camera ready and lookin’ good for the public. I’m a lucky gal! 

Behind the Scenes:

  • Got married – now Dr. Amy King!

This was the easiest part of the year – and the best decision I’ve ever made! Planning & executing a wedding while running a business – not for the faint of heart. But, with the help of friends, anything is possible. Best party ever! 

  • Survived remodeling part of our home – not an easy task

TBH, don’t do this. Just don’t. Not while also getting married and running a business and about 50 million other tasks in the middle of supporting healthcare providers during a pandemic. Not recommended. Zero Stars on this one. This should have been in my 2023 or 2024 wrap up. 

  • Began the process of senior year with my beautiful daughter

I’m documenting this in a book, but she doesn’t know. It’s The Year of Sophia and we are soaking up EVERY moment with this girl. 

  • Survived prom, multiple rodeos, working on our farm, teaching my son to drive, trying to be a new wife, and housetraining a puppy. 

These are the moments I live for, the moments I breathe for (not the puppy poo, but everything else). These are the moments I cherish. 

  • Went on a vacation to Montana and a honeymoon in Hawaii. I feel so grateful for this. 

Seriously though – Montana – lesson learned. I don’t recommend a vacation that’s too much like your life – we have enough horses, driving, barns and flies – but I DO recommend vacation with your best friend, river trips, and snuggling toddlers. That, I recommend highly. And honeymoon in Hawaii…seriously, pinch me. 

  • Started therapy…again.

See bullet points 0-now…and that should answer your question. EVERYONE should have a therapist. As my friend, Ann Brown says – all Jewish people have their therapist, hairdresser, Rabbi and best friend on speed dial. Cheers to that.  

  • Worked with trusted friends on my business & life. Thank you Karen Howells of The Howells Group & Kelly Johnson of Clarity Consulting– two incredibly inspirational women who I admire and hope to be like when I grow up. 

If you don’t have friends like this, find them now! Kelly & Karen are moms, women, exceptional business people – but most importantly, they are grounded, servant leaders. We support each other, cry with each other, challenge each other and grow together.  

  • Attended as many outdoor gatherings as possible!

BBQ, sunshine, margaritas 

  • Survived/supported my son through two concussions from Saddle Bronc riding.

Yes, I cried. No, he didn’t. Yes, I’m still letting him ride. 

  • Survived/supported my daughter through her first boyfriend and first break up. 

Yes, I cried. Yes, she cried. No, I didn’t kill him. World, she’s ready for love again. 

  • Sit in the love of best friends. 

Probably the most important part of my mental health game. I call my best friend in Minnesota several times a week, more when we can. I complain & laugh & drink wine with Kentucky, hug Dr. C, shop & coffee with M, talk deeply & cook with JNo, and revel in The NBC. Without these women, I could not get out of bed – they give me meaning and friendship. 

  • Sit in the unconditional love of my husband. 

There’s no greater therapy than this man. He’s my biggest fan, the safest human, the most passionate, and the hardest worker. He’s my person. 

Above all, I feel grateful. Grateful to support all of you as individuals, organizations and companies. And I’m honored that you entrust your staff, clinicians and personal time in me and my business. 

If you have podcast ideas – send them my way. 
If I’ve scared you with honesty & vulnerability – I’m not your person. 
If you want to learn more about The Provider Lounge, join us! Just normal folks struggling with normal stuff. 

Thank you – with compassion & kindness,

Dr. Amy