Holiday gifts for you!


Welcome to the LAST newsletter of 2022. How is the year wrapping up for you? If you’re like me, it’s a mixture of emotions, elation, fatigue, and trying to find moments of joy. Reveling in these small, meaningful moments is what makes the holidays magic for me. Like taking sips of coffee from a holiday mug as I write to all of you! 

As the year wraps up, I want to invite you to take part in a few gifts meant just for YOU!

  • The gift of The Provider Lounge: I’m onboarding 43 (!!) new providers into Provider Lounge in January. I’d love to make it 50 – so if you’re thinking about joining us, NOW is a great time.
    • We’re starting off January with the topic of boundaries – sound like something you need? Me too! 
    • Your BHC joins for FREE with your membership – yep, free! And they get their own special meeting each month. 
    • We tackle tough mental health issues that build resilience for your patients and bridge a gap for to meet their needs. If you’re like most providers I know, it’s a blessing to have some skills to use while outpatient mental health waiting lists are so long! 
  • The gift of listening to The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Treating Resilience in Primary Care. We’re transforming medicine here – don’t miss out! And let me know what episodes you’re loving. 
  • The gift of FREE resources – we have SO many free resources on the website. Please feel free to share with friends too!
  • The gift of joining us for a free Provider Lounge meeting. If you’re not ready to take the dive and join us, come one time for free – you won’t be sorry! 
  • Join me in Physician’s Anonymous for an intimate conversation with other physicians. 

So, will you be one of the lucky seven to join us in January? Maybe this is the year you decide to invest in YOU! Or, perhaps you’d like to sponsor a membership for a resident or colleague. What a beautiful gift! Or, join with a friend! Have questions about it? Email me here

In the meantime, please take time to let JOY into your life. Your patients, family and friends need you to experience joy so that you have continued energy to help others. You can be committed to your career AND take time for special holiday moments. You can love your work AND say no to commitments that exhaust you during the holiday season. You can care about practicing medicine AND need small breaks of solace. 

No matter what gift you choose – please, as always, reach out for help and support. 

With compassion,

Dr. Amy